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How To Paint Sola Wood Sunflower


  1. Acrylic paint. Here are the colors I used.
sola wood sunflower
  1. Paint brush  
  1. Water 
  1. Container to put water/paint/glycerin mixture into 
  1. Vegetable glycerin to soften the flowers and make them easier to work with.   
  1. Container to put flowers in. I purchased mine from Hobby Lobby, but it was from their spring line. So, I found a smilar one on Amazon.
sola wood sunflower
  1. Some greenery.  I always wait for it to go on sale at one of the craft stores and just stock up.  So, I am not sure exactly where this particular greenery is from since I just grabbed it from my pile.  If I had to guess I would say it is either from Walmart or JoAnn Fabrics.   
  1. Sola wood flowers.  For my flowers I purchased them from Luv Sola Flowers. My big sunflower (middle flower) is 2 inches (link b).  I used 2 smaller sunflowers (link a).  I used 1.5 inch ones, but now it seems they only go down to 2 inches.  I also used 2 coco Beli (link c) 1.5 inch, but you could also use just Beli, which is link d 1.5 inch. 





I love sunflowers and they seem very in this fall.  So, I decided to make a nice fall décor piece with my sola wood flowers.  I started out with just painting my middle sunflower, then I added the smaller side flowers as I went along and was liking how things were coming together.  

I started off by making my water, paint, and glycerin mixture.  Check out this post if you want to learn more about what adding the glycerin does for the flowers. (The video is at the bottom of the page)  This link will tell you about how much water to paint you should use.  I dipped my entire sunflower into the yellow paint mixture.  The flower on the right is how it came out after one dip in the yellow paint.  You may need to take a paint brush and paint small areas where the paint could not reach.  I recommend painting a few flowers at a time so you do not have to waste as much paint and glycerin.  The acrylic paint mixture can be saved for a few days, but after that it will start to smell funny and should be dumped out.  You could dip your smaller side flowers into the yellow paint mixture now or just work on one flower at a time.  It is up to you.  I then mixed together some brown paint, water, and glycerin mixture and used a paint brush to paint the center of the sunflower.   

sola wood sunflower

The sunflower looked a little plain.  So, I decided to add a little orange for more pop of color.  I made my paint, water, and glycerin mixture just a little more watery than before.  I then took a paint brush and starting from the center and just brushed up each petal.  I ended my brush/paint marks at various lengths to make it look more natural.   

sola wood sunflower

For the mini sunflowers I did the same thing, but I did not add the orange around it.  For the other small side flower I dipped it in the yellow paint mix, but then I painted the center with the orange paint mix instead of the brown.   

sola wood sunflower

I was trying something new this time and attached each of my flowers to actual sticks I found outside.  I stemmed my flowers the same way I usually do.  To learn more about how to stem these flowers check out this link.  I then cut small pieces of greenery off and stuck them in each of the containers.  I did two pieces of greenery in the two side containers and three pieces of greenery in the middle container with the bigger sunflower.   

sola wood sunflower

I think this turned out very nice and I already having it sitting on a table in my house.  I like that it looks nice from all angles, so it is perfect for a table décor piece.  You could also add a bow or ribbon around the containers or some sand, rocks, or gems to the bottom of the bottles, but I decided to leave mine as is.  I think I will keep this piece out all year around, but if you decide to store it away after the fall season, just remember these flowers are made out of wood, and thus can mold if stored in a moist enviornment. It is also best to let them breath. So, do not store them in a tote unles you make some holes in it for air to pass through.

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