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How To Make Your Own Room Diffuser With Sola Wood Flowers


  1. Reed diffuser sticks  
  1. Glass container with small opening.  The smaller opening is important so all your diffuser oil does not evaporate out to quickly.   
  1. Sola wood flowers and baby’s breath or other filler for decoration  
  1. Scissors or clippers to cut reed diffuser sticks down to size  

Diffuser Oil Supplies: 

  1. Essential oil about 20-25 drops
  1. ¼ cup baby oil or other unscented oils  
  1. Three tablespoons of rubbing alcohol of at least 90% isopropyl or vodka 
  1. Funnel  
  1. Bowl to mix ingredients in  

I started off by selecting about two 1.5 inch flowers and one 2-inch flower. You can use any style you like or have on hand. I would just stay away from ones that have rolled ends like peonies or many of the roses, because they will uncurl when they get wet.  Next, I dipping or sprayed my sola wood flowers with some water so I could fluff them out.  Any petals that may have gotten stuck together or smashed can be carefully fixed at this time.  Then insert the reed diffuser stick into the back of the sola wood flower.   Do NOT use hot glue to secure the flower onto the reed stick.  The hot glue will prevent the diffuser oils from reaching the flower and thus not produce a throw.  If you decide not to use the diffuser oil and just use this a decorative piece, then it is okay to use the hot glue to attack the sola wood flower to the diffuser reed stick.    

Now, you will need to cut the reed diffuser sticks down to size.  Since every container is different, I would line my flower reed stick to the desired height and then cut off any extra at the bottom that goes beond the bottom of the glass container.  I would recommend not cutting them all the same height.  Maybe make one a little taller or shorter than the others or make all three a slightly different height.  Once you have your 3 sola wood reed flowers to the desired height inside the glass container, then pick some filler such as dried baby’s breath or star filler and place pieces inside the container (possibly needing to cut pieces down to size) till you are happy with the look.  Sometimes less is more.  Feel free to add extra reed diffuser sticks without flowers on them as well if you wish.  You can add a bow, ribbon, or pendant to the container for a little extra design.   

If there is an interest in drying fresh baby’s breath, then I will do a few different experiments and share my results with you.  So, please let me know if you would be interested in this.  

Now for making the diffuser oils.  Put ¼ cup of baby oil or other unscented oil such as almond oil, sunflower oil, mineral oil, or safflower oil into the bowl.  Then add 3 tablespoons of either the rubbing alcohol that is at least 90% isopropyl or vodka into the bowl.  The alcohol helps carry the essential oil up the reed diffuser sticks.  Next add about 20 to 25 drops of your essential oil of your desired sent to the bowl.  Depending on the sent you bought you may need less drops.  Some essential oils are more potent than others.  You can add multiple different scents if desired, but try to stay under 20 to 25 drops total.  Mix together contents of bowl.  Now take out reed diffuser sticks and other decorative things you have inside your glass container and insert the funnel.  Use the funnel to pour the bowl mixture into your glass container filling the container about ¾ the way full.  Then insert your reed diffuser sticks and other decorative pieces.  

 If you wish you could add a few drops of food coloring to color your diffuser oil, just note that the food color will be absorbed into your sola wood flower and thus change the flower to the color of your oil.  I have heard people using water instead of the baby oil and it working well.  Distilled water works better, but regular tap water should be okay.  I myself once used just tap water to a glass container and about 20 drops of essential oil to it and it seemed to work well.  I did not add the alcohol. It took a little longer for the sent to come through and I did not have any flowers at the end of my reed sticks this time.  So, was able to flip my reed sticks to help dispense the sent.   So, for quicker results I would use the baby oil and alcohol.   

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