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How To Make Your Own Memory Candle

I wanted a way to remember loved one at my wedding, but I knew seeing photos of loved ones would be difficult for a few individuals. So, I decided to do a candle instead of photos. I wanted the names to be present on the candle as well. I started off by looking up nice quotes I could put on my candle.

Once I had a quote I liked, I used Cricut Design Space to write the quote in a font that matched the rest of my signs and things. I then added a matching geometric shape with flowers, which I used throughout my wedding décor. I attached the flowers and my quote together and printed it on Avery clear sticker paper. Make sure you have everything attached, and flattened if you do a print then cut. You may also need to calibrate you Cricut machine to make sure your cuts are precise. You can learn how to calibrate your machine, by clicking here. You could do a print then cut for this, but I simply printed it and cut it out with scissors. I did not need my cuts to be precise since the edges where clear and it was going on a clear vase.

memory candle

I applied my quote to a clear open ended vase/container, that will house my candle. I put heave items on either side of this container to help hold it in place as I applied my sticker. I was excited about this and applied it quickly, which meant I was a little crooked and had a few air bubbles. So, make sure you measure and go slow.

I then moved onto the candle. This is just a basic candle I had. I took a mechanical pencil, no lead was in it, and used the tip to carve out each name by hand. This took some time, but worked pretty well. The names where still a little hard to read, so I took rose gold acrylic paint and painted the engraved names. If you get paint outside the engraved areas, then simply wipe it off with a wet paper towel. You can also scrape off piece of the candle if you make mistakes or the paint does not want to come off. I like how forgiving the candle was to work with.

I then put my candle inside my glass container. I liked, it but the quote was difficult to read. So, I decided to paint the inside of my clear container a light pink, like I did with other signs I had made. You can see more information about these signs by checking out this post. It actually was not too difficult to paint the inside of the glass container. The light pink really helped the quote to stand out. This did cover some of the names however, and I was not completely liking the names in the candle.

memory candle

As the candle would burn the names would slowly disappear, which I both liked and did not like. With the quote it was difficult to see and read all of the names. So, I decided to make all of my names out of a gold permanent vinyl, and place them on my glass container around the quote. I think this makes the names a lot nicer and easier to read. The names engraved on the candle where a little messy and I do not have very pretty handwriting, so I think this worked out better.

I decided to use the same candle with the engraved names on the one side, since this took me awhile to do. I just faced the names so guest will not see them, but I know they are there and will burn with the candle.

To finish this memory candle, I purchased a little glass dish from the Dollar Tree to catch any wax that burns. I also added a little bit of fake greenery around the bottom to dress this piece up a little more. There was a lot of trial and error with this piece, but I think I am happy with how it turned out in the end. I also like how it is something just a little different than the traditional pictures I typically see at weddings.

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