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How To Make Your Own Bunny Wreath With Dollar Tree Supplies


  1. Wire wreath form. Dollar Tree has a wreath form that looks like a bunny head, but I never found it. So, I create my own ears out of the 3D wreath form, a heavy wire will also work. I used an 8 inch wreath form, but feel free to make yours larger.
  2. Wire cutters if you need to make your own bunny ears.
  3. Yarn or rope to wrap your wreath. I used chenille.
  4. Hot glue and glue gun
  5. Flowers and/or ribbon to decorate.
  6. Felt or fabric for the inside of the bunny’s ears.
  7. Scissors


  1. If you need to make your own bunny ears, then use wire cutters to cut the second wreath form into two sections.

2. With your hands bend the two pieces into bunny ears. (See my video if you need more instructions.)

3. Apply hot glue to the ends of bunny ears to hold them together.

4. Wrap your wreath forms in your yarn. Apply hot glue as needed to help keep yarn in place. This was not needed, except for the beginning and the end, but I liked to add a little hot glue as I wrapped my wreath form.

5. Then wrap ears in the yarn. Due to the shape of the ears, I found it best to apply glue to both sides of the ears as you wrapped the yarn, otherwise the yarn will move around and shift.

6. Cut your felt to fit inside the bunny’s ears, then apply glue to glue them inside.

  • I traced my bunny ear to give me a rough idea on the shape to cut out of my felt.

7. Optional: bend the tip of one ear carefully downward with your hands.

8. Attach the two ears with hot glue and Gorilla glue.

9. Decorate your bunny with a ribbon and/or flowers.

I think bending one of the bunny’s ears makes it even cutter. I have not seen anyone try this yet. I figured I would try since I was able to shape the wire into the ear shape easily. You could also wrap and attach another circular wreath to make a body for your bunny if you would like. You could also attach a sign that says welcome or Happy Easter. Another idea is to add a flat round circle (maybe wood) to the back of your wreath, then create a face on it for your bunny. I made a mini bunny wreath, but this would also work with the larger wreath forms. You would just need more yarn. I would love to see how your bunny wreath turns out. You can always post a comment below, on my social medias, or send me an email hello@kandfdesign Happy crafting

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