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How To Make Signs For Weddings And Other Events

Welcome Sign


  1. Glowforge or you could apply the letters and numbers with vinyl like I did in the next sign
  2. wood
  3. wood sign
  4. paint and spray paint
  5. sola wood flower or other fake flowers
  6. greenery
  7. glue. I used gorilla glue for my wood pieces and hot glue for my flowers and greenery

For my welcome sign I got this nice big sign from JoAnn Fabrics. It had a light engraving of the map of the US on it. I overlooked this and saw a beautiful wood sign. I took it home wand sanded down the light engraved areas until it was smooth, and the map was no longer visible.

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A few areas were a little deeper engraved than others. For these areas I applied some wood filler. I allowed my wood filler to dry, then sanded it down to make sure it was smooth.

Now that my piece of wood was prepped, I applied a few coats of white paint. Wood likes to soak up paint. So, apply your first coat, and wait for it to dry before you apply additional coats. I then decided to paint my boarder/edges rose gold. My rose gold paint was not coating the wood well. So, I decided to cover and tape off the center of my sign and use rose gold spray paint to cover my boarder.

I then used my Glowforge laser printer to cut out our names and information I wanted on my welcome sign. I had to insure I did not make any of the letters to thin. I then took these pieces outside and spray painted them rose gold. I then realized I used a lot of rose gold in this sign and probably should have painted the letters or the boarder a different color. Everyone told me it looked nice, but I am still not 100% sold on the welcome sign.

The fonts I used were Hello Honey for our names, Wedding script for the welcome, and Arial the other pieces.

To help break up the rose gold I hot glued some greenery and sola wood flowers to my sign. I thought about adding more flowers, but I did not want to cover up any of my words, and I was afraid I might run out of flowers for other projects I still needed to make. So, I kept it simple.

You could apply the words in vinyl, but I really like the 3D aspect the wood gives to it. A lot of my guests took a picture of my welcome sign, so I think a lot of guest must have really liked it. I had many different ideas for my welcome sign, but over all I am happy with what I ended up making. It is simple and classic.

Order of Events


  1. wood board
  2. paint or stain for the wood board
  3. Cricut machine
  4. vinyl. I used permanent vinyl
  5. weeding tools
  6. transfer tape

I purchased this sign from Hobby Lobby. They have a lot of nice wood blanks. I decided to paint the middle section of my sign white so the black vinyl would pop more. Wood soaks up paint, so a few coats of white paint was needed.

I then made my timeline in Inkscape and uploaded it to Cricut Design Space when I was finished. If you are interested in my design, then you can find it in my Etsy shop or my shop. I also add some more icons for you to pick from. The fonts I used were Arial and Wedding script for the header.

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My sign was quite large, thus my entire design would not fit width wise in my Cricut machine. So, I cut all the lines as one piece, then applied each or my words and icons separately. I did group each set of icons with the words and time to make it easier. I just used black permanent vinyl. Removable vinyl might be good to use if you would like to remove this vinyl easily after your event is over.

Once all my pieces were cut out, I weeded out/removed all the areas I did not want. Then I applied transfer tape to help me transfer my designs to my wood board. For the lines it helped having a second set of hands, one to ensure things are going down straight and the other to hold and place the vinyl. I did not apply anything over my sign or vinyl once it was place on my wood.

wedding signs

I thought about adding some flowers to my sign, but decided to keep it simple. I decided to make this sign, so I did not have to print individual pamphlets. I also knew a few guests that would appreciate it. I went to my cousins wedding and did not know they where doing a sparkler send off, and a lot of the guests missed it. That is another reason why I wanted to make this sign, so guests knew what was coming and hopefully not miss something they would like to be apart of.

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Extra Sign

This other sign I picked up for free from JoAnn Fabrics free for all event. I loved the shape and the saying. All I did to it was glue some extra sola wood flowers and greenery to it, which really took this sign to the next level. I hung this behind our head table.

The easels were originally silver, and I spray painted them rose gold.

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