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How To Make Interchangeable Candle Wraps With Cricut


1. Real or fake candle 

2. Glass container to wrap design around 

3. Cricut machine, any version will work or other similar machines. 

4. Cricut cutting mat. I used a green standard cutting mat for my vinyl and a blue light grip cutting mat for my vellum. 

5. Fine point blade (the blade that comes with your machine)

6. Glass container to wrap design around 

7. Vinyl. You can use many different types including permanent, removable, foil, and textured. 

8. Transfer tape 

9. Varnishing tool 

10. Weeding tool 

11. Acetate or vellum depending on the look you want. 

12. Measuring tape 

13. A design. You can purchase my design along with the mini course on how I created: How to Combine Words, Shapes, and Images


1. Measure your container and create your design accordingly. 

2. Cut your vinyl design along with your vellum or acetate. You can cut the vellum and acetate with your Cricut machine, or by hand or with a cutting tool. 

3. Weed out your vinyl design (remove all unwanted areas). I find it helps to cut the extra vinyl as you weed.

4. Transfer your vinyl to a piece of transfer tape. Use a varnishing tool to help adhere your vinyl to the transfer tape and carefully remove the vinyl’s backing. 

5. Place your design onto your acetate or vellum. 

6. Wrap you acetate or vellum around your glass container and apply a regular piece of tape to hold the two ends together and firmly around your glass. If you place tape directly on the glass it may leave a sticky residue on your glass. 

7. Turn on your candle or light your candle and enjoy. If you use an actual candle be careful vellum is flammable. 

This could be a nice gift to give on Valentine’s day, a birthday, or mother’s day. Who would not like a nice personalized candle? This would be nice to light as you soak in a hot bath and just relax. 

I also like that the candle cover can be easily changed out for different seasons. My glass container had some wax on the inside, that I was not able to remove easily. The nice thing about making the vellum candle wrap is that you can no longer see the stubborn wax I could not remove. It also made the candle look much more elegant. 

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