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How To Make Handcrafted Candles With Wax Floral Accents!


  1. Candle
  2. Candle wax of a different color
  3. Silicon mold
  4. Heat gun
  5. Silicon mat and heat pad to protect your work surface
  6. Design/label for candle. I used one from Creative Fabrica
  7. Sticker paper
  8. Printer
  9. Cricut machine that can do a print than cut. You could also just tie twine around candle jar or use a premade sticker.


1.Find a design or sticker and create your label for your candle. I got my label from a design I found on Creative Fabrica. See my YouTube video above to learn how to unzip and create this sticker.

2. Melt colored wax till it is completely liquid. I prefer to do this in an oven, but I also showed that is can be done with a heat gun. Remove the wick. The wick can be thrown away or saved for a future project.

3. Let the melted wax cool for a few minutes so that you can safely handle the glass jar, but the wax is still completely liquid.

4. Pour the melted wax into your molds. If your wax goes over the edges of your mold, then you can take an old credit card or scraper tool and remove the extra wax. Set them aside to completely cool and harden.

5. Carefully remove wax from molds and clean up any extra wax.

6. Place wax pieces you just unmolded around the top of your candle.

7. Once you are happy with how everything looks, remove the wax pieces and slightly melt the top of your candle. Do not over melt your candle, you only need it to just start to melt so it will hold on to your wax pieces you just created. Place wax pieces on slightly melted was and allow them to cool. If a piece is not attached well to your candle, then carefully remove it and slightly melt that section of your candle and reapply the wax piece.

8. Apply your label to your candle along with any extra finishes to your candle. You could add flowers or ribbon to the outside of the candle. Just make sure to remove any extra pieces before lighting the candle.

I am always so happy how these wax molds come out. I was a little worried about these ones because they were very small with lots of detail. You can always remelt the wax and try again if a piece breaks or is not to your liking.

The molds also clean up really easily. I remove most of the wax with my hands, then run water over my molds to remove any left over wax.

These elegant candles would be perfect for mother’s day, but also many other occasions, such as wedding, showers, birthdays, or house warming.

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