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How To Make Cricut Insert Cards And Cutaway Cards


  1. Cardstock and fun shiny or glitter cardstock or premade cards like Cricut’s insert or cutaway card packs. 
  2. My design which you can find here. 
  3. Cricut machine, any of the Cricut machines will work along with other similar machines. 
  4. Cricut mat. You can use the Cricut card mat that works for your machine, or you can use either a green or blue mat depending on the type of cardstock you use and how old your cutting mat is. 
  5. Fine point blade that comes with your machine 
  6. Optional: scoring wheel for the maker machines only or the scoring stylus if you are making your own card and not using the premade card blanks. 
  7. Optional: glue or double sided tape. 


1. Unzip the design and upload it to Cricut Design Space and add it to your canvas. 

2. Ungroup everything (upper right hand side). Change the black rectangles to white so you can see the designs. 

3. Hide or delete the pieces you do not need. If you are using the Cricut Cutaway or Insert card packets then you will only need the red design on the top left, and can delete or hide the black designs, largest rectangle and everything with it as well as the rectangle that says insert. 

4. Select the outer rectangle, and under operations (top left) select guide at the bottom of the drop down menu. This will turn the rectangle a purple color. Changing it to a guide will allow you to size everything, but your machine will not cut the guide out. 

5. Cricut does not recognize outside fonts as fonts so we will need to remake the text that is on the card. Select the text button (left hand side) and type what you would like your card to say. Then in the font tab (top left) select the font you would like. I recommend using a writing font. I used Life’s a party and Merlot. Make sure your text is set to drawl and fit it in place on your card. Delete the old text that was present. 

6. Select everything, even the guide and click attach (bottom right). 

7. Size your design accordingly. If you are using a Cricut card pack, then I recommend using the insert size. If you use the card size, then Cricut will change your card to the next size. It needs a little extra space around your design, so you need to make your design slightly smaller than what your card is. 

8. Place your card in the card sleeve if using the Cricut card mat. Only the back part of the card goes inside the sleeve. The front of the card should be pressed down onto the sticky part (remove protective layer first). Make sure your card is all the way to the top and over to the right as far as it will go before you press it down on the sticky section. If you are using the cutaway card blanks, then you will need to open up the card and remove the protective film, then place your decorative insert face down onto the sticky surface. Then insert your card into the mat. 

9. Once your cards have been cut out the assembly is slightly different depending which card you chose to make.

  • For the insert card, simply insert your decorative cardstock into the hearts at each corner. 
  • For the cutaway card, weed out/remove all the unwanted pieces (pieces you want your decorative cardstock to show through). 
  • You can also glue or use double sided tape to attach your decorative cardstock to the inside of your card. 

Have you made any of these types of cards before? If not I recommend trying all 3 methods and then deciding which method you like the best. If you have tried at least two of these methods, then which method did you like the best? I personally like the last option of simply gluing my decorative cardstock in place. I like that it is simple and quick to do. You just have to be careful you do not apply too much glue or wipe off any extra glue that squeezes out.

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