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How To Make Clothing Without Sewing For The Dollar Tree Easter Bunnies


  1. Bunny.  I found my bunnies from Dollar Tree  
  1. Fabric.  I found a pack of 2 handkerchiefs at Dollar Tree that I used, but any fabric should work.  
  1. Lace or ribbon.  The one I use is from Dollar Tree.  
  1. Hot glue and glue gun  
  1. Scissors, rotary cutter, and maybe something to cut on and help you measure and cut straight.  
  1. Extra embellishments.  I used buttons, and a flower.  Pears would also be pretty to use.   
  1. If you want to be able to bend the ears then you will also need some wire.  I used a cheap Christmas hook for my wires.   

The first step is to remove the arms of your bunny.  By removing the arms, you will not have to worry about making holes to fit the arms through.  The arms are just attached with hot glue.  So, to remove the arms you could just pull them off, but this may cause the material to rip.  I suggest using an iron or maybe a hairdryer and heating up the glue first, then slowly pull on the arms as the glue heats up.  Just be careful to not get the glue on your iron.  If you get some glue on your iron, then just wipe it off quickly before it makes it sticky.   

dollar tree bunny

For the lady bunny I made a dress.  To make the dress I wrapped the fabric around her body and had it overlap in the back.  I noted the length of fabric I needed for this, and used my rotary cutter to cut my fabric down to size.  My fabric had loose threads that would come off after cutting my fabric. So, when I saw these lose threads I either pulled them or cut them off.  I folded the edges of my fabric and hot glued it together to help stop the threads form coming out.  

I only glued the dress to the bunny in the back.  The front did not need to be glued down, and I did not want the glue to make the front look bumpy and messy.  I then measured and cut strips of my lace to make a boarder around the edges of my dress fabric, and hot glued it in place.  I think this boarder with the lace ribbon really makes a big impact to the outfit.  I then used some hot glue to reattached the bunny’s arms.   

For the boy bunny I made a vest.  To make the vest I did a similar technique to the dress, but backwards and shorter.  So, instead of having the fabric come together in the back, for the vest I had it come together in the front.  I only hot glued the fabric to the bunny in the front where the fabric came together.  I folded the edges of the fabric and glued them together to make a seam look on the fabric as well as to hold the fray edges together. The vest required more measuring and cutting down than the dress did.  I also finished off the vest by adding the matching lace ribbon around the edges of the fabric. Lastly, I hot glued some buttons to the front of the vest.  You could make little pockets on the vest, but since I am not good at working with fabric, I decided to quit while I was ahead.   

For the ears I used a piece of wire (Christmas hook that I unfolded) and feed it through the ear.  This will allow you to be able to bend the ears.  My wire was just a little long, so I used pliers to cut the extra wire off.   

dollar tree bunny

I had some extra strips of fabric, so I decided to add it to the ears.  I measured, folded, and cut the extra pieces of fabric I had to fit to my liking in each of the bunny’s ears.  This was a little challenging, but I really like how it looked when I was finished.  I am not the best at measuring and cutting, which is why this was more challenging for me.   

The last step is to add any extra embellishments you want to your bunnies.  I added a flower to my girl bunny.  I also added a bow to my boy bunny.  I had a small scrap of fabric that I used for the bow, but I should have just cut a bigger piece of fabric, instead of trying to use the scrap.  I thought about making glasses and a hat for my boy bunny, but I liked him just the way he was.  If you want to make glasses you could buy some, or make some from wire.  If you decide to add a hat to your bunny, then you may need to remove the bunny ears and then reglue them back onto the hat so the hat can fit nicely on the bunny’s head.     

It is a little hard to describe each step in making these outfits.  So, I made a video of me making them.  I broke the videos up into the girl (first video) and boy (second video) bunny so they did not get to long. I am not the best at measuring and cutting, and I could have done some things better, but the video will help give you a basic idea on how to make these outfits.  


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