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How To Make An Easy Layered Stain Glass Card With Cricut No Printer Needed!


  1. Cardstock in two different colors
  2. Cricut compatible pen/marker
  3. Foam spacers
  4. Scoring stylus or scoring wheel (only compatible with Maker machines)
  5. Any Cricut machine or other similar machine
  6. Double sided tape or glue
  7. You can find my flowers in my library. If you would like the finished card design, then you can find it in my shop.


1.Follow the instructions in my video above to create your card design or you can purchase my finished design here.

2. Have your machine create/make the pieces of your card.

3. Use double sided tape to attach all of the white cardstock with your drawn flowers to the coordinating colored cardstock. (4×4 with the 3.75×3.75)

4. Use double sided foam to attach the different sections together. Make sure to match and line up the flowers according to the flowers on the layer below.

5. Attach your sentiment with the double sided foam in the center.

6. If you would like to dress up the inside of the card, then create one or two (both sides or just the side you write on) square that are 4.75 x 4.75 inches. I would recommend making these white. You could also attach a message to one of these square to have your Cricut machine write out your message for you. Then use double sided tape to attach the one or both squares to the inside of your card.

This card looks a bit complicated, but it is one of the simplest cards I have made, once you have the design complete that is. The design is not to difficult, but it does take a little bit of time. Once you have your design, your machine does most of the work. It is very nice to make as well, because it just requires cutting big squares. So, there is no tiny pieces to insure they cut cleanly or small pieces sticking to your mat and getting everywhere. I also like that it requires very little supplies and you do not need to wait for glue to dry. If you have not made a mother’s day card yet, then what are you waiting for! Take a few minutes and make this one. You can even get my design from my shop so the design is all done for you.

If you liked this card, then make sure you check out the other stain glass layered cards that require a print then cut to make. One is square and the other is circular. Feel free to change the images to fit the card you need.

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