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How To Make An Easter Banner Out Of Felt With Cricut


  1. Felt
  2. Cotton filler
  3. Cricut Maker or Maker 3 (others will work, but I prefer the makers since they can use the rotary blade).
  4. Rotary blade.
  5. Pink fabric mat
  6. Optional: transfer tape or other similar item to protect your mat from the felt fuzz. Lay the transfer tape sticky side up directly on your pink mat. Then place your felt on top. Once you are finished cutting out your felt, you can remove the transfer tape from your Cricut mat, and it will be nice and clean.
  7. Hot glue and glue gun. I prefer a precision glue gun for these small pieces.
  8. String or ribbon to attach pieces too.
  9. Optional: HTV, which will also require a pressing mat or towel, and a heat source. You could also use puffy paint or glitter paint.
  10. My course to teach you how to make these shapes using only free tools available in Cricut Design Space. I will also provide you with these designs in this course, which you can find here.


1. Cut out your felt pieces. I used the rotary blade, which can only be used in the Cricut Maker machines at this time. I used a pink fabric mat and chose the flannel setting with more pressure. If you choose to cut out some HTV for the lines on the one egg as I did, do not forget to mirror your HTV vinyl and use the setting that is best for the type of HTV you are using.

2. Head to Cricut heat guide and select the correct settings for your materials to determine how to best apply your HTV. When I did this I was told to pre-heat my felt for 5 seconds. I used my easy press mini on the low setting. I then applied my heat for 30 seconds, with constant movement and pressure. I then waited for my piece to be cool to the touch and slowly removed the carrier sheet. If any areas of your vinyl did not adhere to your felt, then apply a little more heat until it adheres well.

3. Use a hot glue gun with a fine point tip to glue all the felt pieces together, except for the backs.

4. Apply hot glue around the edges of your backing piece of felt, but leave the bottom without any glue. Place your felt pieces together.

5. Use the area you did not apply any hot glue to stuff your felt piece. Then use your hot glue to close your piece.

6. Measure and cut pieces of string and glue them to the backs of your felt pieces.

7. Sting felt pieces through garland/thicker ribbon and hang it.

I like how these felt pieces turned out. I think adding the filler makes them even cutter. You could also make them flat and attach them to a felt or burlap flag. They would also look cut in a wreath. You also do not have to make them out of felt like I did. You could make them with cardstock for a fun Easter card or out of vinyl.

Do not forget to check out my course where I teach you how to make these different shapes and inspire you to start making your own creations using the free components of Cricut Design Space. No extra software or Cricut access needed. Plus you will get these designs as well.

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