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How To Make A Splatter Screen Snowman


  1. Three splatter screens.  I purchased mine from Dollar Tree.  You need the ones with the handles. We will bend these to help the snowman stand up.
  1. White spray paint  
  1. Hot glue and glue gun 
  1. Black buttons. I used 11 in total.  If you do not have black buttons, then you could spray paint your buttons black.  
  1. Ribbon or fabric for the scarf 
  1. A piece of cardboard  
  1. Twine  
  1. Orange paint 
  1. Construction paper  
  1. Greenery and a flower  
  1. Elmer’s glue  
  1. Scissors  

The first step is to spray paint all three splatter screens white.  I recommend also spray painting the handles.  I spray painted the from and back of all my splatter screens.  It makes the piece feel more finished to me.   

Once the spray paint dried for at least 24 hours, it was time to assemble my snowman.  I used hot glue to attach the splatter screens.  I learned from my pumpkin splatter screen project that hot glue works best.  You can check out that post here.  I attached two of the splatter screens side by side with a bit of overlap between them.  I then glued the third splatter screen on top for the head.  I also had a little over hang here as well.  The scarf will cover this overhang.  I only bend the bottom two splatter screen handles.  These will help the snowman stay up.  You could bend the top handle if you wish, but I used this handle to help hold the hat for my snowman.   

splatter screen snowman

I then wrapped a ribbon around my snowman’s neck to make a cute scarf for him.  I do end up applying a small amount of hot glue to the very ends of my scarf to hold it in the location I wanted it.  Without this glue at the ends, my buttons in the middle of the snowman would be covered up by the ribbon.  I then laid out my buttons and glued them down.  

For the nose I cut a scrap piece of cardboard into a square.  I then cut that square in half right down two of the corners.  This created two triangles.  I took one of those triangles and trimmed the edges a little bit.  This created my nose for my snowman.  I placed the cardboard on my snowman’s face and trimmed it down till it fit his face well.  Next, I took some twine and rapped it all the way around my cardboard nose.  I used hot glue to glue the twine to the cardboard as I wrapped it.  Once the twine was in place, I painted the front and edges of the nose orange.  I did not paint in between the cracks or over everything completely.   

For the hat I decided to make mine out of black construction paper.  I started off by using a big bowl to drawl a circle for the brim of the hat.  I then cut out the circle.  I cut a small x in the middle of the circle for the splatter screen handle to fit through.  When I placed this on my snowman’s head the construction paper was to floppy.  So, I used the construction paper to trace a circle out of cardboard.  I cut that cardboard out and painted the sides and bottom side of the cardboard black.  Once that had dried, I used a glue stick to glue my construction paper to the top of the cardboard piece.  I was happy with this, so I moved on to the top part of the hat.  I took another piece of black construction paper and rolled it up.  I then applied some Elmer’s glue along the edge to hold it.  This piece was a bit too tall, so I trimmed it down with some scissors.  I decided not to glue the top and bottom of the hat together, because I wanted to be able to easily disassemble it for storage.  This is also why I decided not to make a small circle to cover the top of the hat.  This is just what I did, but feel free to make yours how you want.   

The last step was to add a little bit of greenery and a Sola Wood Flower to the hat.  I attached these pieces with some hot glue.  You could use many different things to decorate your snowman’s hat.  I also added a little blush to my snowman’s cheeks, but it only lasted about a day, before it just came off.  It also did not show in the camera.  You could probably add a little pink paint to his cheeks if you wanted too.   

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  1. Kim Sonner

    What kind of White paint did you use ? I tried one time to spray paint a splatter and the white paint didn’t stay or look wright.

    1. Katie

      Thanks for the question. I used Rust-oleum paint + primer 2x ultra cover satin spray paint. It says it bonds to plastic, wood, metal, and more. It covered very nicely. I just added an amazon link to this spray paint in the supplies list so it is easier for you. Happy crafting. 🙂

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