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How To Make A Snow Globe Shaker Two Different Ways (Cricut and Glowforge)

For Halloween I made a witch hat shaker out of cardstock with my Cricut, which you can find the link to here. So, this time I decided to use my Glowforge to make this shaker. If you do not have a Glowforge, then you can still make this design out of cardstock, vinyl, and acetate. You can read my witch hat shaker post to help you make this snow globe. You could make it just like I did with the witch hat. My design has several different pieces, so you can make the snow globe how you want. If you want to make the snow globe similar to how I made mine, then you will want to make the wood layer your spacer layer and use craft board or foam for this layer. The acrylic layers would then be your acetate layer, but you will want to use the empty templates in my design. You can then cut out the Merry Christmas, snowman, and let it snow out of vinyl or cardstock and attach them to your acetate layers. I will show you how to make this version of snow globe below.

Watch my YouTube video on how I assembled these two snow globes, or read my post below for even more information.

Cricut and other cutting machines (all Cricut cutting machines should be able to make this snow globe)


  1. Acetate
  2. Craft foam, kraft board, or thin cardboard. Something to use as your spacer. I used craft foam.
  3. Vinyl or cardstock. Removable or permanent vinyl will both work. I think vinyl will be easy than cardstock, but both or a combination of both will work. I used vinyl.
  4. Glue. I used tacky glue.
  5. Confetti, glitter, or things to put inside snow globe. The one I am using came from Dollar Tree. I like it because it looks like snow.
  6. Cricut cutting machine or other way or machine to cut out materials.
  7. Ribbon if you wish to make your snow globe into an ornament. It would also look nice on the front of a card.
  8. My design, which you can find in my shop or on my Etsy shop. My design can be cut out of many different materials and used in many different ways.

I cut the entire snow globe blank shape out of acetate twice. There are two of these pieces in my file. These will be my front and back layers of my snow globe.

I then cut my blank spacer layer out of a thin foam. Depending on what material you use as your spacer, foam, kraft board, thin cardboard, you may need to cut a few of these layers out to give you the thickness you need, so that your glitter and things inside can move around freely. I used craft foam and two layers of it. I recommend cutting the thicker snow globe shape out in this case. I also recommend cutting one of these layers out of vinyl or cardstock to cover the spacer layer. This will just make the piece look prettier. You can also cut one out to make the back look nicer as well. I recommend covering the front and the back if you are making this into an ornament, since it will spin around and the back side will show.

snow globe

I decided to cut my extra decorative pieces, snowman, and words, out of vinyl. You can also use cardstock if you wish. I think cardstock may be a little more difficult. You will also need to be careful with glue seeping out around your pieces.

To assemble I first placed my vinyl snowman to my bottom acetate layer. I then glued that acetate layer to the back of my foam spacer layer. I then built up my spacer layer, by gluing multiple layers of my foam together. I used two foam layers for my piece. I also used this tacky glue I bought from Dollar Tree.

Once my bottom acetate layer and spacer layers were glued down in place and dry, I added my snow glitter, which I also bought from Dollar Tree. I then applied my let it snow words and snowflakes to my other acetate layer. When cutting out this vinyl I recommend mirroring it, so that you can place this vinyl on the inside of the snow globe. This will help make it last longer, since it will not get rubbed or scratched. I actually ended up not using the let it snow words, because when weeding them out I accidently stretched out the words. SO, I decided to just not add them to this piece.

snow globe

I then glued this acetate layer on top of my foam layers. Lastly, I added my top layer to make it look pretty. You can use vinyl or cardstock to make this layer. You can also apply it to the back of your piece to make the back look nice as well. You can also add the words Merry Christmas in vinyl or cardstock to the front of your snow globe. You can also personalize your snow globe by adding a name or year to the front.

I turned my snow globe into an ornament by attaching a ribbon inside the spacer layers. This snow globe was about 3 inches wide. I also added a little bow to it. I think the bow makes a big difference.



  1. Wood
  2. Acrylic
  3. Laser cutting machine. I used my Glowforge, which you can learn more about here or get a discount code if you are thinking of buying one.
  4. Glue. I used gorilla glue
  5. Confetti, glitter, or things to put inside snow globe. The one I am using came from Dollar Tree. I like it because it looks like snow.
  6. My design, which you can find in my shop or on my Etsy shop. You can also cut my design out of cardstock and acetate if you want.

I used my Glowforge to cut out my wood spacer layer, which I had Merry Christmas engraved into. You could put someone’s name and a year here as well.

I then used my Glowforge to cut out my two acrylic layers. I engraved the snowman in one layer, and the let it snow in the other layer. I thought this would give my piece a nice dimensional look. You could put them all on the same layer or even change the design completely by having a different picture engraved into the acrylic. When I was cutting out my acrylic layer that says let it snow, the top layer, I decided to mirror it. I mirrored just this layer so I could flip this layer over and have the smooth side facing out. If you want to feel the engraving, then do not mirror this piece.

To assemble my snow globe, I applied a small amount of gorilla glue to the back of my wooden spacer layer and lined up the bottom snowman acrylic layer. The gorilla glue will hold it nicely, but even dry you will be able to see the glue through the acrylic. I used a toothpick to limit the amount of glue used. I then added my glitter snow. Finally, I applied a little more glue to the top of my wood spacer piece, and laid the top acrylic layer on top. I placed a heavy item on top of my snow globe and allowed it to dry overnight.

 I am going to use my snow globe in a tier tray. If you want to make it into an ornament, then I would probably size all the pieces down a little before cutting then. Then just glue a ribbon to the back of the snow globe. You could also make it into a cute magnet, again size it down a little, then glue a magnet to the back. I am really happy with how this piece turned out. With my design I already did the hard work for you. You just need to cut it out, and glue it together. It would make for a nice high-end gift. You can even change the Merry Christmas out for names and/or the year to make it personalized. My snow globe is about 4 inches wide and 4.5 inches tall. I also added lots of descriptions in my design to help you know which pieces you needed depending on how you were cutting out your pieces. Just make sure to hide or delete these descriptions and any extra pieces you do not need before you start to cut things. You can even cut pieces out by hand with scissors if you want.

snow globe

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