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How To Make A Heart Shaped Wooden Block Calendar.


  1. My file for the heart shape, which can be found in my Library.
  1. 1/8 wood to cut out the hearts. I used Basswood. I have ordered this from Glowforge and some from Menards. The Menards one is cheaper, but needs to be covered so the wood does not get burnt in the laser printer. Also the Menards wood has chunks of glue that can sometimes make it difficult to cut properly through. I buy 1/8 thick wood. Here is the link to a sheet of tape I use to cover my Menards wood. I like it a lot. Vinyl Ease 12″ x 100 ft Roll Paper Transfer Tape for Cricut, Silhouette Cameo, Oracal Self Adhesive Vinyl for Decals, Signs, Walls and More – V0821 or V
  1. One pack of dollar tree Jenga blocks.  
  1. 2 square wooden blocks. I bought these from Michaels, but you could also cut them from extra wood you have or even the Jenga blocks. Mine were about 0.75 inches.
  2. Wood glue. This is the one I used, but any good wood glue should work.
  3. Paint  
  1. Very small magnets. My boyfriend had extras on hand. So, I just used his, and he does not remember where he got his from. However, I found a link to ones that look similar to the once I used.
  1. A marker to write the months and numbers.  I used a paint marker from Dollar Tree.  
Dollar tree paint marker

To start out by used my laser printer (the Cricut Maker should also be able to cut this design out of wood with the knife blade) to cut 5 Hearts with the cut outs in them.  Then I cut one heart, but had the machine ignore the cut outs in the middle this time.  This piece will be the very back. 

heart shaped block calendar

Then with the help of my boyfriend we made 7 small holes on the sides of 4 Jenga blocks, one Jenga block will only have one side with a hole. These holes are for the small magnets.  The magnets will hold the blocks with the months not currently being used to the base and out of the way.  When you need to switch the month blocks it will be easy to locate and remove.  Once the holes are made you can glue the magnets into the holes. I used a toothpick to apply the glue control the amount of glue being applied.   

heart shaped block calendar

Next, I glued all the Jenga blocks together to form the base.  For my base I did three by three, but remember two of the blocks will be the months.  So, you will need to only glue two by three blocks together, three across for the front, and three across for the middle. Then glue the front and middle row blocks together.  Next you will glue the Jenga block with only one magnet to the base you just made.  Make sure the magnet is facing inward.  Then I glued each heart piece together making sure the one without the cut outs is in the back, and that each piece is lined up well. 

heart shaped block calendar

Once everything was glued in place, I glued the completed heart on top of the Jenga block base.  Next time I would paint everything first, before gluing the finished heart on to the base.  I painted all the Jenga blocks, even the ones with the magnets not yet used, and the two cubes.  You may paint things how you wish.

After all the paint was dry, I used my marker to write the months and numbers.  If you have a cricut you could also make the months and numbers with vinyl.  You could also use a stencil or stickers to help you make the numbers and months.  For the months you will need the three Jenga blocks with two magnets on each side.  The months will come out evenly, so just write them on each block until you are finished, one month per side of Jenga block.  For the dates you will use the cubes.  There is not enough sides to put every number.  So, in order for it to work you will need to place the numbers: 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 on one of the cubes.  The other cube will have the numbers: 0, 1, 2, 6, 7, and 8. Note: the number 6 will also be used as the number 9. I also added a nice saying to the front of the blocks with the paint marker.

heart shaped block calendar

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