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How to make a Halloween Wood Sign with Cricut


  1. Wood sign blank that is smooth and sanded. I bought mine from Dollar Tree.
  2. HTV and/or permanent vinyl
  3. Cricut cutting machine or other similar machine that can cut vinyl
  4. Paint and paint brush
  5. Ribbon to make bow. I used two 2.5 inch thick ribbon and one 1 inch thick ribbon (recommended to use 1.5 inch thick ribbon).
  6. Scissors
  7. Heat source if you use HTV/iron on vinyl. Along with a heat pad (old towels work too) and butcher paper or heat safe Teflon sheet.
  8. Blue painters’ tape
  9. Ruler
  10. Polyacrylic
  11. Optional: spray sealer
  12. My design can be found in my shop.


1. Make sure your wood is smooth and sand down any rough areas.

2. Measure your wood sign and determine how much of your sign you would like to be painted black and how much you would like the brown stain area to be. You could also do your entire sign in one color.

3. Place a strip of blue painters’ tape on your wood sign to create a clean line for your different colored sections. Then paint your wood. Do not place a new piece of paint over wet paint or it will remove some of the paint color. Wait for your paint to dry before placing tape over it.

  • Use a thicker paint like chalk paint so you do not have to paint multiple layers to fully cover your wood.
  • To create the stained wood look apply your shade of brown paint (I used acrylic paint but other types of paint also work) with wet baby wipes. You can also water down your paint or apply your paint and quickly wipe it off before it dries or soaks into the wood. All 3 methods will get similar stained wood looks.

4. Allow your paint to fully dry, then apply a layer of polyacrylic. This will protect your paint from coming off when you apply your vinyl.

5. Once the polyacrylic is fully dry you can apply your vinyl. You can use permanent vinyl or HTV.

  • Permanent vinyl: Use transfer tape to help place your vinyl onto your wood sign.
  • HTV: Place your design down with the carrier sheet (clear) facing up. Then place a heat safe Teflon sheet or butcher paper over your entire wood sign to protect it from your heat source. Make sure to also have a heat pad or something to put your everything on top of to protect your work surface. I applied heat for 40 seconds at 280 degrees Fahrenheit (middle setting if using a mini press) apply additional heat if needed. Wait till your piece has fully cooled to peal it off. It will continue to bond as it cools.

6. You can apply a spray sealer (polyacrylic can also be applied, but it may make HTV cloudy, but does not seem to affect permanent vinyl) if you want extra protection to your piece. I did not apply this extra protection because I have a glass door that will help protect my sign from the elements. It is a wood sign so even with protective sprays and things it can only hold up so well in the elements.

7. Add a bow and a way to hand your sign. You can learn how I made my bow in my YouTube video.

I was really happy with how this cute sign turned out. You can use this information for making other wood signs with vinyl. I will also be using this technique to make bows in the future. I always say I am not the best at making bows, but this was easy, and I really like how it turned out. If I can do it, then you can too. I may need to add to my ribbon collection for future bow making projects.

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