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How To Make A Fake Caramel Apple That Looks Good Enough To Eat


  1. Fake apple.
  2. Dowel rod
  3. Paint in the color of your choice or colors to make it the color of your choice
  4. Mod podge. I like the gloss finish for this piece
  5. Corn bedding for the nuts
  6. Wire cutters to cut the dowel rod down to size and to sharpen one edge if needed
  7. Wax paper to set your apple on to dry
  8. Something to stir your paint and mod podge mixture and a container to mix it in.

I started out by mixing my paint and mod podge together. I like the glossy finish mod podge for this project, but you could use a mat finish if you want. Mix your mod podge and paint mixture till well blended. If your mixture seems very thick, then you should add more mod podge. If your mixture seems very watery, then add more paint. Your mixture will dry a little darker than the color shown in your cup. Also try not to over mix your mixture or it will create a lot of bubbles in your mixture.

caramel apple

I used old chunky paint, which meant I needed to mix the paint and mod podge more than normal. I also needed more mod podge than normal. This extra mixing created some bubbles in my mixture. Letting the mixture sit for awhile seemed to help decrease some of the bubbles. I did not want my mixture to dry up on me, and I did not want to wait for the bubbles to pop and go away. So, I just used my mixture instead of waiting for the bubbles to go away.

The next step was to stick the dowel rod into my apple. I first removed the stem of the apple. This was easily removed by simply pulling on it with my hands. You could leave this if you want. I then used a thick dowel rod that already had a pointed end and pressed it into my apply at the top. I used the hole the stem came from. If your dowel rod does not have a pointed end, then you can make one with your wire cutters and cut the end at an angle.

caramel apple

My apple seemed to be made out of wood, and thus was very difficult to place my dowel rod. I ended up trying to drill a small hole for my dowel rod. Even the drill struggled getting through my apple. Once I had a small hole in my apple, I applied some hot glue and placed my dowel rod into the hole. The hot glue may not be needed if you have a Styrofoam apple and are easily able to push the dowl rod further into your apple.

Next, I just held onto the dowel rod and dipped my apple into my paint and mod podge mixture. You can dip your apple as much or little as you would like. I did not want to make too much of the paint and mod podge mixture since I was only making one apple. So, I used a plastic paint brush to apply the caramel mixture to my apple. I recommend letting your caramel dry and applying a second coat. While the second coat is still wet, sprinkle on your corn bed/nuts. You can place as many nuts as you would like. I used the corn bed (found in the pet section) instead of real nuts so it will last. Real nuts will attract ants and other bugs and will eventually go bad. You could also add a chocolate drizzle or other toppings to your apple.

I then placed my apple on a cute little plate and added a bow to the stick. This really does look like a real apple and actually made me want a caramel apple. I actually do not get nuts on my caramel apples, but for decorations, I think the fake nuts make a big difference. You may need to put a sign saying not for eating next to these apples, they look so good. Have you made other fake foods? I have made cookies and hot chocolate. Let me know if you like these fake food DIYs.

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