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How To Make A Cricut Refillable Halloween Candy Dispenser


  1. Plastic sphere. The 3.15-inch (8 cm) plastic ornaments that open up are typically used.
  2. Cardstock medium to heavy.
  3. Hot glue and glue gun
  4. Craft glue
  5. Cricut machine or another similar machine
  6. Small candy
  7. My design


1. Upload the design to Cricut Design Space. If you need help unzipping a file, click here. If you need help uploading a file, click here.

2. Before you ungroup the design, create a circle. To create a circle, click shapes on the left-hand side, then pick the circle.

3. Size the circle to 3.14 inches or the size of your plastic sphere.

4. Size the cat’s belly (circle area where the plastic sphere is going to be placed) to fit the circle you just created as closely as possible.

5. You can ungroup everything now. If you would like to change the color of anything, then you can change the colors here to see what colors you would like together. You can also remove the mummy wrappings from the cat if you would like a non-Halloween cat, simply hind these pieces on the right-hand side of the screen or delete them.

6. Hit the make it button and select your cutting settings according to the material you are using.

7. Assemble the closing mechanism by first bending the tabs down.

8. Place the cat tail inside the tabs, then place the circle onto. Make sure it is facing the correct way and that the opening will open and close properly.

9. Place a small dot of glue on each tab and press it lightly down onto the circle with the cat tail sandwiched between them. Do not press too hard, because you want the cat tail to be able to slide after everything is glued.

10. Place all of the mummy wrappings in place, then glue them down. Some of them will overlap a little.  I used cardstock that was more textured on one side to help me know which side should face up.

11. Glue the closing mechanism to the back up your candy holder. Line it up so that it opens and closes where the cut out is and that the mummy wrapping on the cat’s tail will show correctly.

12. Glue the pink layer to the front of the back most layer (opposite side of the closing mechanism).

13. Use hot glue to glue half of the plastic ornament in the center of the cat, where the opening is.  The hanging piece of the ornament sticks out a little more on one half. You can cut this piece off or just use the half where this piece does not stick out quite as much. I glued this piece down towards the bottom of my cat.

14. Glue the black topmost layer into place.

15. Glue the cat’s white cheeks and eyes into place.

16. Add your small candy and enjoy.

This was a lot of fun to make! I tested out my closing mechanism many times throughout to make sure I was placing everything correctly. I could easily see myself accidentally gluing something on backwards. If you do make a mistake it is okay, it is just paper/cardstock, and you can always recut the sections you need again.

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