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How To Make A Beautiful Layered Rose With Cardstock


  1. Cardstock in different colors.  I used 65lb  
  1. Cricut cutting machine  
  1. Double sided sticky dots  
  1. Picture frame I purchased mine from Michaels  
  1. Cricut Access or pay $1 for the design  

I found this beautiful layered flower in Cricut Design Space.  Before I cut it with my Cricut Maker (other Cricut machines can also make this project), I decided to mess around with it first.  I was playing around with the offset feature and trying out different functions.  I must have told my Cricut machine to cut the file I was messing around with by mistake.  So, a few of my layers were cut with an outline, and thus do not fit perfectly with the other layers.  This will just be hanging in my craft room, so I do not mind the small alignment issues.   

layered rose

To find this template in Design Space, first start a new project. You will then click projects on the left hand side of the screen.  I then typed in rose art in the search box to find the design I used.  The official name is Anna Griffin’s Framed Rose Art.  If you do not have Cricut Access, then it does cost $1 to make this design.  There is also a card version of this design called Lovely Layers Rose Card.  This also cost $1 without Cricut Access, but you could just buy one and resize it instead of buying both.   

If you wish to change the size of this design, then select customize.  Then make sure you have all the layers selected before you adjust the size.  This ensures your layers are all the same size, and makes it easier to adjust them all at the same time.  To insure you have all the layers selected look on the right hand side of the screen and see if each layer/piece is highlighted.  You can select each layer by holding down the shift key and selecting each layer on the right hand side.  You can also select all the layers by drawling a box around all of them with your mouse or pointer.  With all the layers selected, go to the top of the page and enter the desired size you need in the size box.  The size should automatically be locked, which means when you change the size of either the height or width, the other should change with it accordingly.  This ensures your design does not become disproportionate (stretched out).   

If you would like to change the color of the flower, you can do that in Design Space before you have the Cricut cut it out to ensure you like the colors you pick.  To do this click on the design, only the first layer should be selected, and move it to the side.  Then go back and move each layer off to the side one by one.  Now that you can see each layer, click on the layer you want to change.  Next, go to the top of the page and click on the small colored box (next to operations and basic cut box) and click on it.  Several different color options will appear.  You can also click on advance for even more color options.  Once you click on a color the selected layer will change to that color.  Change all your color, then select all your layers and click align, center (at the top of the page).  This will align all of the layers back on top of each other so you can see how your new colors will look once your piece is cut and assembled.   

layered rose

Once you have the size of your design, and your colors picked out, it is time to make your design. Click make it!  Each layer should be a different color, and thus Cricut will place each layer on a separate mat to be cut.  Select the type of material you are cutting out, I selected 65lb cardstock, and have your Cricut start to cut each layer.  This will take a little bit of time, especially if you only have one blue mat.  You will then have to apply your cardstock, wait for it to be cut by your machine, remove the mat and the cardstock from the mat, then add your next color of cardstock and repeat until it is finished.  It is important to insure you place the correct color of cardstock for the piece being cut.  This is why I like to match my design in Cricut Design Space to the colors I will be using.  It helps me to keep track which color to place next on my mat.   

Once your pieces are all cut out and removed from the matts, it is time to assemble.  You only need the outlines, not all the small inside pieces.  You can save these extra pieces for use in future smaller projects.  I found it helpful to align all the pieces up first before applying any of the sticky dots or glue.  I wanted to make sure everything fit together and in which order before I attached things.  Once everything looked good, and I knew which order to place each layer I started to assemble.  I started with the top most layer and applied my puffy double sided tape.  The type I used needed to be cut at your desired size.  I did this with scissors.  I then decided I wanted more space between my layers, so I folded my double sided tape in half to make it thicker.  I then placed these pieces on my top layer in areas it looked like it was needed.  You can always add more as you go.  I started with the top layer because I did not want to place these dots in an area that would show, and by placing them on the top layer, I knew where the cardstock was going to be, and thus the dot would not show.   

Just continue to assemble your layers until you are finished, and happy with it.  Add more double sided dots/spacers as needed.  Once you are happy with how it looks, you can put it in your picture frame.  If you are making a smaller version for a card, then just glue it to the front of a card, or leave it as is.  You can write a note on the inside of the card, or just on the back of the piece.   

I am glad I found this design.  I think it is very pretty and a great starting piece for anyone that wants to make layered pieces.  It is nice to see a layered piece and to assemble it, to help you understand how it works, before trying to make your own.  Have you designed and made a layered piece yourself?  If so I would love to see what you made.  If you liked this, I plan to make more layered pieces in the future and teach you how to make your own layered designs.   

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