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How To Make A 3D Paper Pumpkin With A Free SVG File


  1. My free design found in my library. If you need the password then click get password on the right hand side or click here.
  1. Cardstock. I used glitter cardstock and regular cardstock  
  1. Cricut machine or another machine that can cut cardstock. You can also cut the design out by hand if you do not have a cutting machine.  
  1. Glue. I used Elmer’s glue  

I made this cute little 3d pumpkin design. The first thing you will need to do is to download my design from my library. If you are already on my email list, then you have the password and access to the free library. Then just click here and download the design. If you are not, then no worries. Just click here to get on my email list. I only send about one email a week. The email will just let you know what craft/project I have for you and a hint about what next week’s project will be. You will then be emailed the password to log into my library. Also please make sure you check your spam and junk mail. Sometimes emails get put in there by mistake.  

Once you have my design, you will need to upload it into Cricut design space, if you need help on how to do this, then please click here, or other program you are using. If you do not have a cutting machine, then you can print the design/template, make sure you size it first. Next, just trace the design onto your desired cardstock and cut it out.  

3D pumpkin

If you are using a Cricut machine, then here are a few steps you will need to do before you make your project.  

  1. Determine size you want your pumpkin to be and size it accordingly. In the file mine are about 5 inches, but if you want yours larger or smaller, then do so now.  
  1. Hit ungroup. This will allow you to move things around  
  1. On the left hand side of the screen click shapes, then score line. Every piece will need a score line. 
  1. Move score line over to a piece, and drag the arrow to make the score line larger so that it fits over the entire piece. It is okay if it is a little larger than the piece. 
  1. Click on both the piece/shape and the score line, and click Align, then center. This will make the score line move to the center of the piece.  
  1. Click on both the shape and the score line and hit attach in the bottom right hand corner of the screen. This will tell the Cricut machine to do these commands on the same piece. If you do not hit attach, then it will not put your score line on your shape.  
  1. Continue step 3-6 till all the pumpkin and stem pieces have a score line in the middle of them and are attached.  
  1. Hit make it and follow the instructions on your machine to make the pieces.  

I used the green cutting mat on glitter cardstock setting to cut my glitter cardstock pieces.  I used the blue cutting mat (not as sticky) and the light cardstock setting to cut my orange cardstock. Your cardstock does not have to be double sided for this project, but my orange cardstock was. My glitter cardstock was plane white on the back side.  

3D pumpkin

To assemble the pumpkin you will need to first fold each piece on the score line we created. Next, apply some glue. I used Elmer’s glue, which I put in a small nozzle bottle so I could limit how much came out. You will want to apply the glue to the back of your large pumpkin cut out, the one that has the stem attached. In my pictures this piece is orange. By applying the glue to this piece you know where the cutouts are and thus do not apply extra glue in these areas. Next, put the smaller pumpkin piece, the one without a stem, and is gold glitter paper in my pictures, glitter side down onto the larger pumpkin piece you applied the glue too. This will allow the fun glitter side to show through the cutout design pattern. The next step is to glue your stem to the front of your pumpkin.  

3D pumpkin

If you do not want to make a 3D pumpkin, then you could be finished here. This pumpkin would look great on a sign or other piece. You could make a smaller and larger one in different colors and apply them to a sign. If you want to make the 3D pumpkin, then you will need to assemble all 5 of the pumpkin pieces, as described in the previous paragraph, and set them aside to dry.  

When making the video for this piece I did not allow my piece to fully dry, and thus I needed to apply more glue in some areas, and some areas become a little wrinkled. If you take your time and allow things to properly dry, this should not happen. I always feel like I need to rush the project when I am recording it for some reason.  Click here to be taken to my YouTube video.

Once all the pieces are assembled and fully dried, it is time to assemble the entire piece. To assemble take two pumpkin sections and glue the backs together, but only up to the score line/fold line. Then glue aonther section to the other half of the pumpkin. It is easier to see what I mean in the pictures and video. Continue glueing the sections together until you run out of pieces. You may want to use small clamps to help hold sections together as they dry. Again I rushed this section and did not let a section dry before moing onto the next one.  

I would love to see what color combinations you make these pumpkins out of. I thought about making mine blue, but then went with the traditional orange. Post your creations on our social media pages or send me a message at  If you are interested in making the wagon I made in the picture below, then click here. If you are interested in the green lantern pumpkin I made, then click here. The lantern pumpkin also has a free SVG file in my library.

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