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How To Do An Easy Iris Paper Folding Valentine’s Day Card


  1. Thin cardstock or patterned paper.
  2. Normal thickness cardstock to create the base of your card. 
  3. My template, which you can find for free in my library. 
  4. Any Cricut machine or similar machine
  5. Light blue light grip cutting mat 
  6. Fine point blade (the blade that comes with your machine)
  7. Scoring stylus or scoring wheel (only compatible with Maker and Maker 3 models)
  8. Printer 
  9. Cricut marker or other markers or pens to write your sentiment. 
  10. Craft glue or double sided tape. 
  11. Regular scotch tape. 
  12. I also recommend washi tape to help hold your project in place as you create the fold. Washi tape is not as sticky as regular tape and thus will not tear the cardstock when you remove it. 


1.Upload both the SVG and the jpd file to Cricut Design Space. 

2. For the jpd file click on the white background when uploading it to Design Space so the background becomes transparent/removed (gray and white checked pattern). Then hit apply and continue and select print then cut. 

3. Ungroup everything (top right side of page). 

4. Select everything except the jpd (print then cut heart) and the text, and change the size to your liking. I made it 8.5 by 5.5 inches. You will then want to make sure the jpd (print then cut heart is the exact same size as the largest heart, which I made it 2.947 by 2.957 inches. 

5. Change pieces of card to white or other colors so you can see everything better. You will also want to move the large rectangle to the back so it does not cover other pieces along with the other rectangle. 

6. Select the smaller rectangle and the largest heart, and click combine, then click subtract. You could also select slice as well. Subtract allows you to make modifications later if needed, where slice is more permanent. 

7. Select the line going through the largest rectangle and in the operations drop down select score. Then select that score line and the largest rectangle and hit attach in the bottom right side of the screen. 

8. Select the words “Happy Valentine’s Day” and select pen in the draw section of the operations drop down menu. Then select those words and the rectangle with the heart cut out of it and hit the attach button. 

9. Change the color of the different pieces if needed, then save and hit make it. 

10. When asked only print the jpd (print then cut heart), do not cut it out. When it asks you to place the print then cut on a mat and cut it out just select the next mat and cut the next mat out. 

11. Make about ½ inch thick strips of your thin cardstock. You should have 3 different piles each a different color/pattern.  

12. Fold each strip either in half or ⅔. Try to make your fold straight. 

13. Decide which color/pattern will go with which letter A, B, or C. 

14. Use washi tape to secure your printed heart design to your work surface. Then use washi tape to secure your rectangle with your words and heart cutout with the back side (no words) facing up directly on your printed heart. 

15. Start placing your folded strips of paper in order accordingly. Hold down each piece with some tape.  Make sure to have the folded edge of the paper facing inward. Start with 1A, then 1B, then 1C, the move to the 2s: 2A, 2B, 2C and continue till you finish all the numbers and letters. Finish by placing a fun piece of paper in the very center, no folds needed for this last piece. 

16. Add extra tape to ensure everything is in place and will not move. Remove the washi tape and admire your work. 

17. Apply craft glue to the back and place it on the front of your card. 

18. Glue smaller hearts around or inside your card. Do not forget to add a sentiment inside your card. 

I think this is a fun and unique card. I love how it turned out. I think my husband is going to really like it. It looks like it took a long time and is complicated, but it was actually pretty easy to create. If you really liked this Iris fold technique let me know down below and I can show you how to create more complex designs and possibly even how to make your own Iris fold pattern.

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  1. Debbie Ditty

    I Like Learning something new. Excited to try the Iris Heart. I haven’t seen very many of this style – Iris.

    1. Katie

      I also love learning and trying new things! This was a lot of fun to create. Happy crafting.

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