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How To Create A Macramé Rainbow Masterpiece!


  1. Yarn in a few different colors. I used 7 different colors.
  2. Cotton Rope about 4.5 yards. I used a thicker rope that was 13 mm or 0.5 inches thick.
  3. Thinner cotton rope for clouds.
  4. Hot glue and glue gun.
  5. Scissors.
  6. String.
  7. Tape. Normal everyday scotch tape will work.
  8. Brush. I used a pet brush which worked well.
  9. Optional: wood bead.


1.Place thick rope in desired shape and cut to size. Tape the ends of your rope so they do not come unraveled.

2. Wrap yarn around each piece of thick rope accordingly. Watch my YouTube video to see how to do this without needing to use glue.

3. Attach yarn loop for hanging with wood bead if desired. See my YouTube video for more details on how to create this loop.

4. Create clouds for your rainbow.

  • To create the clouds wrap thinner rope around hand or cardboard. For bigger clouds I wrapped 10 times around. For smaller clouds I wrapped 5 times around.
  • Remove rope from hand or cardboard and tie a string around the rope bundle.
  • Cut all the loops in the rope.
  • Use a thin brush to comb out the rope.
  • Cut off any long strands of rope.
  • Shake to fluff it out and cut any extra long strands of rope.

5. Use hot glue to attach each section of the rainbow together along with the clouds at the bottom.

This rainbow did take some time to create, but it is a lot of repetition. This is a great project to work on while you listen to music or a movie. I think it would look great hanging in a craft room or a nursery. I kept putting off making this rainbow, but now that it is finished I am so glad I finally made it. Now to find a nice place to hang it in my craft room.

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