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How To Create A Beautiful Card While Learning More About Cricut Design Space


  1. Cardstock
  2. Scoring wheel or stylus
  3. Fine point blade. This is the tool that comes with your machine.
  4. Blue light grip cutting mat
  5. Cricut compatible markers
  6. Debossing tool and housing
  7. Cricut Maker or Maker 3
  8. Double sided tape
  9. Optional: foam tape
  10. Flower embellishments. I used puffy paint and small gems.
  11. Craft glue with thin tip nozzle. I like to use bear craft glue.
  12. You can get the pieces of my design in my library.


Preparing and making your card:

  1. Upload my free designs from my library or create your own. Make sure to check your sizes if you use my designs, things sometime get changed when they switch between programs. Hit ungroup in the upper right-hand corner if you are using my design.
    • If you need help uploading the design to Cricut Design Space, then click here.
  2. Select which squire pattern you would like to use or add your own pattern. Select operation in the upper left-hand side, and click the drop down menu to select how you would like to make this pattern on your card (pen, debossed, foiled…)
    • If you are creating your own pattern and would like the section of it removed, then place a rectangle or other shape you want to remove from the pattern and with both your shape and pattern selected click either the slice or the combine-subtract. Both options will work for this. See my YouTube video for more in depth instruction and demonstration on this.
  3. Select the shapes tool on the left hand side and select the line (score). Change the size to be the same as the height of your card (7 inches). Then select the card and the score line and click the align then center (top of page). Lastly while they are both selected click attach.
  4. If you are creating your own card, then create two rectangles with one being smaller than the other. I made my smaller one 4.55 x 1.2 inches and my larger one 5 x1.65 inches. I then selected the rectangle with curved corners and made it 4.36 x 6.44 inches. I then duplicated it, so I had one for both inside sides of my card.
  5. Select the text button on the left side and type the sentiment you would like. When the text is selected a font tab will be visible in the upper left side. Here you can select the type of font you would like. I used Merlot. I then selected writing under the style drop down (directly to the right of the font drop down).
    • If you would like to know how to add more font options, then please head to this post.
  6. Next size your text down so that it will fit in the smaller rectangle. Then select both the text and the small rectangle and click align – center (top of page), then click attach (bottom right side).
  7. Lastly save your work and hit make it and follow the directions on your screen. Cricut does a nice job of walking you through the steps and telling you what you need to do every step of the way.
    • I ran my debossing through twice so it was a little bit more debossed. I did this by hitting the go button again (do not unload your mat)


  1. Fold card on score line.
  2. Apply double sided tape to the first (larger) rectangle and place it in lower section of the card.

3. Apply double sided tape or foam tape to the second (smaller) rectangle directly in the middle of the previous rectangle you just placed.

4. Apply double sided tape around the edges of largest inside rounded white rectangles and apply them to either side of the inside of the card. You can glue extra flowers inside if desired.

5. Fold the edges of small flowers upward. Place a dot of glue to the back side of each flower and place them randomly around the front of your card.

6. Add a dot of puffy paint or glue a small gem to the center of your flowers. You can use other items for the centers as well, these are just items I had on hand and used for my cards.

The debossed card is hard to see the beautiful details in the camera, but in person it stands out more and is very pretty. If you try to use the scoring wheel or scoring stylus to do your debossing, then the design will not be as clean. Those tools will go pass the areas they are suppose to and thus not create a nice design. Have you tried debossing yet, if so what have you debossed? If you would like more information on debossing and engraving I did a few different tests to compare the two different tools. Which card do you like better or what parts of each card do you like better?

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