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How To Apply HTV To A Jewelry Box


  1. Jewelry box
  2. HTV (heat transfer vinyl) or iron on vinyl. The smart iron on vinyl will also work.
  3. Iron or Cricut easy press
  4. Cricut machine to cut out your name or design
jewelry box

I started out by creating my very own letters with flowers. I picked a very detailed design, which some was lost in the transferring, but I do not think it is noticeable. I only made the letters I needed, not the entire alphabet. I would also recommend something with not so little details. So, I did not include my design in my free library or for purchase. I may add it in the future if I get a lot of requests for it. You can request things by emailing me at You could use the text feature in Ciruct Design space and pick a nice font to write the person’s name. There are also many different Etsy shops that sell other letters with flower designs.

Once you know what you would like to put on your jewelry box, it is time to cut it out. For HTV you will need to put the shiny side down. Also do not forget to mirror your design. Then select your cutting setting according to the vinyl you selected. I used regular HTV vinyl, so I just selected this setting on my Cricut Maker. If you use a foil or glitter HTV, then you will want to select the setting for those. I also like to select more pressure to ensure my cuts are clean and complete. If your cuts are cutting the transfer sheet on your vinyl, then you will want to either change your cutting setting or decrease the pressure.

Now for the fun part of weeding out your design (removing the areas you do not want). I like to first cut my design down to size before I start to weed it out. I typically just use scissors to carefully cut around my design to make it easier to work with.

jewelry box

Once you have your design weeded out, apply your design to your jewelry box. I added a piece of computer paper over my design just to provide an extra layer between my iron and my jewelry box, but this is not needed. I usually set my iron to the max temperature, but these jewelry boxes can melt easily. I actually melted one of the jewelry boxes, because I did not notice the tip of my iron (the hottest piece of the iron) was directly touching my jewelry box. Since I melted the corner I had to buy and weed out another jewelry box and letter. The second jewelry box I ordered must have been from a different sell, because it is more pink in color. For my little iron I turned the dial down to about the middle temperature setting.

I only applied my heat for about 10 seconds at a time. As my piece got hotter, I applied the heat for only 5 seconds at a time. This will take some patients and time, but just go slow and do not try to rush it, or you might melt your jewelry box. You can slowly and carefully pull back your carrier sheet (the clear plastic that holds your vinyl) up in a small section of our design to see if in needs more heat or if it is staying down onto your jewelry box. When my HTV was staying nicely on my jewelry box I hit it one more time with my iron, then carefully and slowly removed my carrier sheet. If a section starts to come up with the carrier sheet, then just carefully lay your carrier sheet back down and apply more heat to that area. Once I removed my carrier sheet my design looked a little wrinkled, but just set it aside to cool down. After it had a little time to cool down all the wrinkles were gone.

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These look very professional once they are done and are not too difficult. You just have to be patient and go slow. It also helps if you have an easier design to weed. These jewelry boxes are not too expensive, but by adding a name or initial, it really elevates them. I made one for my flower gift for my wedding, but loved how it turned out so much, that I decided to make one for my bridesmaids as well.

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