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Hello and welcome to K & F Design. My name is Katie. I have always loved crafting and trying new medians. I hope I can help inspire you to try new and beautiful things. Not all crafts turn out the way we plan, but together we can encourage, guide, and have a good laugh together. So, do not be afraid to share your experiences.

Along with crafting I love flowers. That is how I got into working with sola wood flowers. This is a new hobby of mine, but I have really enjoyed experimenting with them. I have always wanted a wooden flower bouquet for my wedding one day. My mom had a replica of her wedding bouquet made and it sits under a glass shadow box on their piano to this day. I have always loved the idea of having my bouquet on display one day as well.

I also have a Glowforge laser printer, which I mostly use for cutting and engraving wood and acrylic. I hope to do some leather projects with it soon. It is always fun to watch it create your designs right in front of you. The precision of the laser is just amazing.

The Cricut is mostly used for vinyl and card stock projects. I have used the vinyl to make stencils, or to add decals to items. The card stock is mostly for making cards. I occasionally will cut fabric.

I have a wonderful fiancé named Fernando. He is very supportive and also loves to craft. Then there is my cat Chloe. She loves to always be next to me. She is a mama’s girl. I adopted her when she was about 6 months old. She will often sit on my lap as I am crafting and occasionally play with my supplies if I am not paying enough attention to her.

Now that you know a little bit about me, I would love to know a little about you as well. Also feel free to ask me questions or give project suggestions (any projects you want me to try out first before you have a go at it?). You can also email me at Also click the button below to sign up for my newsletter and get access to my free library, where I share many of my SVG files and designs with you, so you can create my projects too.

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