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Glowing Metal Ribbon Pumpkin


  1. Metal ribbon. I purchased mine from Dollar Tree. Hobby Lobby also has some.
  2. Fancy doorknob. I bought mine from Dollar Tree. You can also find them at a hardware store or Hobby Lobby.
  3. Wood disk or something to place at the bottom to help your pumpkin stand.
  4. Greenery
  5. Paint and paint brush
  6. Hot glue and glue gun
  7. Ruler or tape measure
  8. Wire cutters to cut metal ribbon
metal ribbon pumpkin


  1. Measure out and cut your wire ribbon into equal strips
  2. Paint metal ribbon strips
  3. Lay out ribbon strips (crisscross pattern)
  4. Attach metal ribbon at top by feeding doorknob threw each piece. You can also glue pieces together.
  5. Apply disk at bottom of pumpkin with glue to help stabilize pumpkin and make a place to set your candle inside.
  6. Add any extra decorative pieces like greenery and your fake candle. Do not use a real candle as the metal will get very hot.

I started out by painting my metal ribbon, but it might be easier to paint the metal ribbon after you cut them down into smaller strips. You can also leave your metal as is with the metal showing.

metal ribbon pumpkin

The ribbon I bought was 4 feet 5 inches long or 53 inches long and about 1 inch thick/wide. You could also use a wider metal ribbon. I think up to a 2 inch wide metal ribbon would be nice. I then did a little math. I needed 3 equal strips of my metal ribbon, so I took my 53 inches and divided it by 3, which equals 17.6 inches. So, I knew I needed to measure and cut my metal ribbon at 17.6 inches in order to get 3 equal pieces. I made my measurements easy on myself and just measured my ribbon to 17.5 inches. This meant I had a little extra on my third/last strip of ribbon. I left this extra on, but I recommend taking it off. My pumpkin was a little lopsided because of this little bit of extra I left on.

When cutting this metal ribbon I suggest using wire cutters instead of normal scissors. It in not good on your scissors to try and cut metal with them. It will dual them.

metal ribbon pumpkin

I then laid my ribbon down allowing them to cross over each other. I first made a cross or X with them, then laid the third strip on top. I tried to use a thin wire to tie them all together where they intersected, but the wire did not help much. Instead you can just use something heavy to help hold your metal ribbon in place as you attach them at the top. I used my wire cutters.

metal ribbon pumpkin

Now feed the end of your doorknob through the end of your metal ribbon strips. I was able to push it through my metal ribbon, but you could also make a small hole in your metal ribbon to push the end of the knob through. If your door knob does not have this extra piece at the end, then you could just glue all of the metal ribbon ends together.

metal ribbon pumpkin

You can adjust your metal ribbon when needed to get the shape you want. After you have gotten all of your metal ribbon through the doorknob, do not forget to put the washer and nut back on your doorknob to help keep everything in place.

metal ribbon pumpkin

I then measured my round disk to make sure it would fit my pumpkin nicely and painted it the same color as my pumpkin so it would blend in more. Once my disk was dry I glued it to the bottom of my pumpkin. This will help your pumpkin stand as well as give it a little stand to place a candle inside. You may need to press on the circle a little to help create the flat bottom to help your pumpkin stand on it’s own.

The last step is to glue some greenery and other decorative touches to your pumpkin. Then place your fake candle inside. Do not use a real flame candle because the metal will get very hot. I absolutely love how this pumpkin turned out. The photos do not do it justice. I could not seem to get a good photo that truly shows it off well. This might be my favorite fall project I have made this year. What is your favorite fall project you have made this year?

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