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Glass Wall Flower Vase With Ranunculus Flowers

I had bought these two glass wall flower vases several months ago from a place called Copper Moon in Toledo Ohio.  They were having a huge sale on a lot of their older inventory.  It felt like I hit the jack pot.  I bought several different pieces, and will add crafting projects when I get to them.  See below for a sneak peek of what I bought.  The other glass pieces are already decorated around my house.  It is the metal pieces, on the blue bag, that I will be working with and crafting. 

copper moon projects Glass and metal projects


  1. Acrylic paint (see pictures below for the 5 colors I used)
  1. Wall hanging vase.  I believe they are called pocket vases.  Amazon has some available.  I have also seen glass shops selling them online, as well as Esty shops.  You will need to find one that fits your style. I am posting the links to a few pretty ones I found on Amazon as well as one I liked, but is a bit different.  It has a wood background instead of being all glass.
  1. Hot glue gun and glue
  2. Star flower/star daisy or other filler you like.  I ordered mine from luv sola.  I have also seen them on Esty.
  3. 3 Sola Wood Flowers.  Mine are 2.5-inch American Beauty from Oh your lovely  

6. Stems for your flowers.  I used garden flexible ties from dollar tree.  I may use this for stems a lot more in the future.  I really liked it.   

dollar tree flexible tie for sola wood flower stems

I have had these two glass vases hanging on my wall empty pretty much since I got them.  I finally decided what type of flower arrangement to make for them and the time to work on them.  To start I dipped the center of my flowers in a yellow paint and water mixture.  All of the yellow paint I had was to bright or dark.  So, I had to add about an even amount of white to tone down the yellow.  Here are the colors I used.  I also took a small paint brush to paint areas I missed with the dip.  I made sure to especially get inside the layers of the flower petals.  

acrylic paint

Next, I mixed these two colors to make the peach color for the outside petals.  I just used a little bit of the orange to make this color.  When dipping the flower, I only dipped the side of the flower and then rotated it inside the water and paint mixture.  This way I did not get the center of the flower (where the yellow is) peach.  Again, I used a clean small paint brush to add paint and water mixture to areas that did not get paint or needed more, especially between the petals.

acrylic paint
how to dip sola wood flowers into water and paint mixture
(Note this picture was taken after the project was finished just to show the technique of rotating the flower and only getting the ends color.)

Last was the green center.  The green I had on hand was perfect and did not need to be mixed with any other colors.  Since there was very little green needed, I just dipped a small paint brush into my green paint (still in the paint bottle) and then dipped it into clean water to water it down a little.  Then I painted just the center of the flowers, adding water if needed so the paint did not go on to thick. 

acrylic paint

Now leave then for about a day or two to allow them to dry.  I dry my flowers on an egg carton.  I also fluff/carefully pull the peddles apart while I am dying them.  When they are wet it is easier to maneuver them.  I do this to help open up the flowers a little more.   

Sola wood Ranunculus Flowers

Once they were dry, I laid them out at about the height I wanted.  Then I took this garden tie from dollar tree and measure how long I needed.  I recommend cutting a little more than you will think you need, because some will go into the back of the flower and it will bend some.  Next use hot glue to attach the garden tie or other stem like item you decide to use to the back of the flower.  Check out my other blog to learn how to stem Sola wood flowers.

Lastly, I added some star flowers cut at various heights.   

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