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Felt Flower Tutorial, That Is Beginner Friendly


  1. Different colors of felt  
  1. Pom pom ball/felt ball for center of flower 
  1. Scissors  
  1. Hot glue  
  1. Wooden heart or piece you would like to place your flowers on.  
  1. Paint and paint brush, or you could also apply decorative paper on top of your piece. You could also just apply a nice stain to your wood.  
  1. Flower templates. You can find the templates to the flowers I made in my free library. Please note sizes tend to change when downloaded. So you will need to resize items accordingly. My large spiral flower was 3 inches before it was rolled. For my purple flower, I made 10 circles, that were 1 inch each. My larger leaves were 1.5 inches long, and my smaller leaves were 1 inch long.

I started out by painting my wooden heart. I tried to do an ambry type affect with my painting. I blended a darker purple with a lighter purple, then a little bit of white paint at the very bottom. I ended up doing a lot of purple, and would probably recommend a different color combination for your wooden heart piece. Also, after my flowers were attached to my wooden heart, you could no longer really see the ambry paint job I did. So, maybe just painting or staining your heart one color would be best.  

Here is the YouTube video if you prefer to watch how I made this piece.

While my paint was drying, I got started on my flowers. The pink flowers are called spiral flowers. I have the temple in my free library. Click here to head to get the password to my library, or click here if you already have the password and would like to go directly to the library. You will need to resize things according to your needs. I recommend using a nicer quality or stiffer felt (wool or acrylic felt) when cutting out spiral flowers. The cheaper felt will work, but it will require a little more time to fully cut it out. The cheaper felt has strands that do not cut all the way through, and you will just need to take some scissors and make small little cuts to free your design from these strands that did not cut all the way.  

felt flower

To cut felt on a Cricut machine, I use the pink mat, and apply a layer of clear transfer tape over my pink mat cutting area. You will want the sticky side of the transfer tape facing up. This will help keep your pink mat from getting loose felt fibers all over it. Felt tends to shed a lot. When you place the transfer tape over your mat, the felt fibers attach to the transfer tape, instead of your pink mat. When you are finished with your cutting, you just pull the transfer tape off your mat, and throw it away. You can do several cuts on the transfer tape. I remove my transfer tape once it has become covered in fabric pieces or is no longer sticky. Just note that your Cricut machine will cut the transfer tape, so the more cuts you make before replacing the transfer tape, the smaller the pieces you will need to pull off of your matt. So, it is a matter of preference if you want to spend more time removing the transfer tape, or if you prefer to change the transfer tape after each cut, so it is easier and quicker to remove.  

Since I have a Cricut Maker, I like to use the rotary blade to cut my felt and other fabrics. I used the felt setting, and selected more pressure. Since I used cheaper felt, I then had to cut some strands of felt that did not cut all the way.  

Next, I used my hands to start rolling my flower. I start with the outer most portion of my spiral and worked my way inward. At the very end there is usually a small circle, which is used to close/finish the flower. This small circular end is glued to the bottom of your flower and hold it together. Below is a rough estimate of how large a rolled flower will be. My larger pink rolled flower was 3 inches, before being rolled. I also decided to add a little pear bead to the center of my smaller rolled flower. It is amazing how different this little flower looks with the addition of the little pear bead to the center. I did not add a pear bead to my larger flower, because I did not want things to look to symmetrical.  

felt flowers

For my purple flower, I used two different colors of felt and a felt ball. Since my piece was pretty small, I used the smallest felt ball for this flower. I then wrapped one piece of felt around my felt ball and cut it just long enough to wrap around my felt ball once. I then folded this strip of felt length wise and hot glued it together on itself. Once the glue was dry I took scissors and cut small slits along the piece of felt where it was folded on itself. Do not cut all the way down/through. Next, apply glue to the felt ball and wrap this piece of felt you just made around it. This is the center of your flower.  

I then made 10 circles in Cricut Design Space, and sized them to 1 inch. To do this click shapes on the left hand side, and select the circle, then size accordingly. So, you do not have to resize every circle, you can right click on your circle, once it is sized, and click duplicate. Keep duplicating your circle until you have as many as you need. If you want a larger flower, than you may want to make larger circles and/or more. I will also include these circles in my template in my free library. Click here to head to my free library, or click here to get the password to enter my free library.  

Once I had my circles cut out, I just started hot gluing them around the center of my flower. I recommend gluing them so that they overlap each other just a little. You will also want to glue the second row/next row in between the circles that formed the first row/previous row. (offset the petals/circles). Continue to glue the circle petals around your flower until you run out or are happy with the size and look of your flower. You could glue one circle to the bottom of your flower to make the bottom look nicer if you wish. I did not do this, because I was just gluing my flower down to my heart, and thus no one will see the bottom.  

For the leaves I made two 1 inch leaves, and two 1.5 inch long leaves. Please adjust the size of your leaves according to your piece. The template of my leaves can be found in my free SVG file found in my library. Click here to head to my free library, or click here to get the password to enter my free library. I then applied a little bit of hot glue to the front of my leaf and pinched it together with my fingers until the glue dried. This gave my leaves a little more shape and demention, but you could glue them down flat if you wish.  

felt flower

The last step was to arrange my flowers and leaves to my liking. Once I had a nice arrangement, I used hot glue to glue down each of my flowers and leaves. You could then attach a string to hang your piece, or a magnet to the back if it is small enough to use it as a magnet. This is what I did with my piece. You could also write a note to someone on the back of your piece. I also thought about putting the word love in vinyl to the front of my piece, but there was not enough room after I added my flowers.  

felt flower

This is a great beginner friendly piece if you would like to get started in felt flowers. They are so beautiful, which can make them seem intimidating, but trust me, you can do this! I would love to see the flowers you have made! Do you like paper flowers or felt flowers better, or maybe crape paper flowers are more your style? Many of these techniques and patterns can be used for these different types of flowers.  

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