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Fake Pumpkin Spice Latte


  1. Cup
  2. Permanent or removable vinyl
  3. Transfer tape
  4. Weeding tools
  5. Cricut any of the machines can be used for this project or any machine that can cut vinyl
  6. Caulk or light weight spackle
  7. Piping bag and piping tip
  8. Cardboard the size of your cup
  9. Scrap piece of paper
  10. Hot glue
  11. Scissors
  12. Something to cover your work surface to make clean up easier
  13. Mod podge. I used glossy, but you could use different types of mod podge depending on the look you want.
  14. Acrylic paint in a caramel like color


  1. Make logo for cup. You could make your own design or get my design from my free library. I used black and white permanent vinyl for my design, but you could also make it into a print then cut sticker.
  2. Trace around opening of cup on cardboard and cut it out for your whip cream to go on top of. Note: make it slightly smaller if you want it to sit flush with the top of your cup and to not take it off. Make it the same size or slightly larger if you would like to make your whip cream removable.
  3. Crumble and glue ball of paper to circle cut out about the height you want your whip cream to be. This helps create your shape to follow as well as allows you to not use as much caulk, thus reducing the dry time.
  4. Place piping tip into piping bag, then add caulk or spackle to bag and begin piping your whip cream around your cardboard circle. Go back and fill in any spots that might need a little extra.
  5. While your caulk or spackle is still wet, add drizzle of chocolate or caramel, sprinkles, fun straw, and any other toppings you might want to your whip cream.
  6. Wait for whip cream to dry. Then put whip cream and vinyl logo on cup.

I started off by making my logo for my cup. I will provide this logo design I made in my free library. The font I used was called “A Child’s year”. For the word Pumpkin I used the font “Cricut Sans.”  Next I uploaded my pumpkin design, which you can get from my library, or find another pumpkin from Cricut Design Space. Make sure your pumpkin design is behind your word, by selecting the pumpkin, then click arrange (top middle of page), then move to back. The next step is to curve both the top and bottom words. There is a button in the upper middle of the page that is called curve. Click on the text you want to curve and click the curve button. Then drag the bar right or left depending on how you want to curve your letters and as much as you would like. Once you have everything spaced and aligned to your liking, select all the text (hold the shift key and click each set of text, or select them in the right hand column of the screen) and click attach (bottom right of page). This will tell Cricut to keep the spacing of these texts so you do not have to try and align them once they are cut and weeded out. If you do not attach them, then Cricut will try to arrange them to save you more vinyl, but it will be harder to align and space the words. So, it is up to you if you would like to attach them or not. I did not attach the pumpkin, because I wanted it in a separate color.

Now it is time to cut your logo out of vinyl. I used permanent vinyl, but removable vinyl would also work since this piece will not actually be used. It is just decoration. I used black vinyl for my words and white vinyl for my pumpkin. I weeded out all the areas I did not want from my vinyl. I then applied transfer tape and transferred my vinyl to my cup. I started with the pumpkin and got that where I wanted it first, because I want the words to go in front of the pumpkin. I used the pumpkin to help me line up my text. In my video I applied my logo at the very end after my whip cream was fully dry. I did not want to get any of the whip cream on the design.

pumpkin spice

To make the whip cream topper I first traced the opening of my cup on a piece of scrap cardboard. I then used a pare of scissors to cut out my circle. Next, crumble up a piece of paper and glue it to the cardboard circle. I used hot glue for this so it would dry quickly.

The Caulk I am using is already in a nice tube. So, I just held a piping tip onto the tube and squeezed out the caulk as I went around my topper. There was just enough caulk in this tube from Dollar Tree to complete one whip cream topper. If you plan on making multiple of these, then I would recommend a larger container. If your caulk does not come in a nice squeezable tube like mine, then you can scoop it out into a plastic bag or a piping bag. Do not forget to put the piping tip in first. You can go back and fill in any gabs you might have, but be carful not to touch and play with it to much.

pumpkin spice

After my whip cream was finished, but still wet, I sprinkled on some cinnamon. I also cut a piece of cinnamon stick and placed it down into my whip cream. You could also add other fun items in your whip cream. When I made hot chocolate cups, I added a real straw and make some sprinkles out of clay.

For the drizzled caramel on top, I just added some caramel looking brown acrylic paint and glossy mod podge to a plastic bag. I used my fingers to mix the paint and mod podge around inside the bag. I used more mod podge than paint. Then I cut a very small section of the bag off, right at one of the corners. I then let it drizzle over my whip cream. This was a lot faster of a drizzle than I expected it to be. So, just be careful it comes out very fast.

pumpkin spice

Both the light weight spackle and the caulk were messy to work with. The caulk is a little runner, and thus does not hold its shape as well as the spackle. I think this works well with the pumpkin spice drink with the caramel drizzled on top of it. It was also nice to not have to put the caulk in the piping bag, which always seemed to burst on me. The caulk is also a little stickier than the spackle, which made it harder to go back and fix something or fill in a hole. As to which one is better, I think it all depends on the look you are going for, and your own personal preference. To see my Hot Chocolate cups made with the light weight spackle, click here. Also make sure to watch the video to get a good laugh of the bag exploding on me, when I made my Halloween cups, just clicking here. That was such a mess.

This can be a messy project, but fun to make. It is difficult to not try to think about and fix all the little imperfections in the whip cream, but try not to mess with it to much, and just let it dry. Some of the imperfections is what makes it look more realistic. The nice thing about having the topper that you can take off is you can choose which side should face the front. You could also make different toppers for different holidays and just switch them out.

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