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Engraving With Cricut

I will be showing a few projects you can use the Cricut engraving tool and the Debossing tool for. Both of these tools can only be used with the Cricut Maker. They will need a housing to put the tip in, but the same housing can be used for both tools. You can change out these tips. To change out the tips, simply press the silver button at the top of the housing. See pictures below. To read about the debossing tool, and see what I made with it, then check out this post here.

When putting thicker materials into your Cricut or materials that may scratch easily, move this white roller all the way to the right side.   

engraving vs debossing

The engraving tip has the number 41 on it. The Cricut Design Space will tell you this number/which tip to use when you go to make your project.

For the copper, I selected stainless steel as my material.  My copper was very thin, it can be cut with normal scissors.  This setting seemed to work well. This is a bit rough to the touch.  Your finger does not slide across it smoothly, because the copper was cut, and the edges of the cut copper are a bit sharp.  I personally prefer the look of the debossed metal over the engraved, but you may like this look better. This engraving will work on harder metals, like a spatula, where the debossing tip will not be able to work on.   

For the faux leather I selected thin leather.  I then selected more pressure.  The engraving did not work well on the cheap leather I used.  I had heard that lightly spraying the faux leather with some water helps, but I forgot to do this.  Also, a corner of my leather came up during the engraving.  This interfered with the design, but I was still able to see that the engraving was not working well even though the entire design was not done.    My design may have also been to detailed for the small space. It contained a lot of tight turns.   

I tried engraving into a 2mm thick clear acrylic sheet.  If you are using a larger piece of acrylic, then make sure it will not get stuck under any of the rolling devices in the Cricut.  I had to move the white rollers all the way to the right side, and ensure my acrylic piece did not go under them.  I selected the thick 2mm acrylic, and it engraved nicely.  Since it is on clear acrylic it is a little harder to get the camera to get a good picture of it, but I am happy with how it turned out.  It would look very nice as is, or with a light shining through it.   

Depending on what type of material you will be working with will depend on which tool or tools you will want to purchase.  If you want to do projects with harder materials like a metal spatula or acrylic, then you will want the engraving tool.  If you work more with softer materials, like cardstock or thin metal, then the debossing tool would be better.  Either way these are some fun tools to play around with.  If you have either one or both let me know what material you like using them with.   

If you are interested in purchasing the engraving tool, then click here.

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