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Easy Elegant Candles


  1. Candle. The one I am using is from Dollar Tree, but you can use just about any candle you want. Be careful if you use a real candle and light it, I am not sure how safe it will be to burn. I used the 4 inch candle because that was the only size my store had.
  2. Mod podge. I used glossy, but other mod podges will also work.
  3. Fine glitter. The chunky glitter will give it a different affect/look.
  4. Paint brush, foam, plastic, or old paint brush, to apply mod podge.
  5. Scrap paper to catch extra glitter.
  6. Painter’s tape


  1. Apply painter’s tape around candle to block off areas you do not want the glitter to be.
  2. Apply mod podge to one section at a time where your tape is not, then pour glitter over the wet mod podge.
  3. Let extra glitter fall off of the candle onto your paper.
  4. Repeat step 2 and 3 until all untaps sections of your candle are covered in glitter.
  5. Let your mod podge dry and repeat step 2-4 applying the mod podge directly over the glitter.
  6. You can repeat step 5 as many times as you would like. I only did 2 layers of glitter.
  7. When your candle is covered to your satisfaction remove the painter’s tape and brush off any extra glitter around your candle.
  8. Apply one more layer of mod podge either around your entire candle or just in the areas where the glitter is. This will prevent the glitter from coming off once it is dry.

The first step is to wrap your candle with painter’s tape. I applied my tape at an angle. I placed two strips of tape side by side to get the thickness of lines I wanted. I did two strips for no glitter and one strip width for the glitter areas. This will vary for you depending on the thickness of your candle, the thickness of your tape, and how thick you would like your lines to be. I also placed tape where I wanted the glitter to go to help me space everything. I then removed the tape where I wanted to apply my glitter, after the other areas where I did not want glitter were taped off.

Once your candle is all taped, apply mod podge to the areas that do not have the tape. It is okay if you get some mod podge on the tape, it will come off when you remove the tape. While your mod podge is still wet sprinkle your glitter directly over the mod podge. Be generous with the glitter, any extra can be saved and reused. I suggest doing one section of your candle at a time. Once you have applied one layer of mod podge and glitter to all the untapped areas of your candle, set it aside to dry.

Now that the first layer of mod podge and glitter are dry, we can apply a second layer. Apply your mod podge directly over the first layer of glitter and while the mod podge is still wet sprinkle on more glitter. Work in sections until you have applied a second layer of mod podge and glitter around your entire candle. Set your candle aside to dry. I stopped at two layers, but you can apply more layers if you want/need.

Once you are satisfied with the glitter coverage, and the mod podge is completely dry, you can remove the tape. You should get nice clean lines when you remove the tape. If you are not getting clean lines, then make sure the mod podge is completely dry and remove the tape carefully. You can brush off any loose glitter with a paint brush and use your nail or tool to scrape off any uneven chunks of glitter or unwanted glitter. Just be careful not to scratch the candle.

Now apply one more layer of mod podge. You can apply this layer of mod podge over the entire candle or just to the areas with the glitter. Just make sure to get the edges of the glitter stripes as well. I only applied my mod podge to the glitter areas, because I did not want to take away from the wax coating of the candle. Once this last layer of mod podge is dry, no glitter should come off when you rub it.

These candles are so simple but can look so elegant. I paired them with these wooden candle sticks I found at Hobby Lobby in their fall section. I then added some mini Christmas wreathes around the bottom of the candles. This really elevated the look of these candles. Now, I just need to decide which color I like better and make a second one, so I have a matching pair. Do you like the red or the gold better or maybe you have another color in mind? I would love to see how you decorate with these candles. They would be beautiful to have a few in a wooden box filled with greenery in the center of a table.

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