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Easy Dollar Tree Tumbling Tower/Jenga Block DIY Christmas Ornaments


  1. Jenga block/tumbling tower pieces. You will need 3 for each ornament. If you would like to make all 4 ornaments, then you will need 12 wood pieces in total. 
  2. Paint and paint brushes
  3. Glue. I used hot glue, but wood glue would also work. 
  4. Ribbon or twine to hang ornaments
  5. Extra wood piece for snowman hat. You could use two extra Jenga blocks or a popsicle stick. 
  6. Half circle or other similar item for Santa’s nose. 
  7. Ribbon for the present
  8. Scissors 
  9. Markers to add faces and other accent pieces 
  10. Extra decorative pieces like greenery, small bells, flowers, ect. 


  1. Paint the wood blocks.
    • Santa: 1 red, 1 skin color of your choosing, 1 white. 1 skin color nose piece
    • Snowman: 1 black, 2 white, 1 black rim of hat piece
    • Gingerbread man: 3 brown 
    • Present: 3 white or other color of your choosing 

2. Glue the blocks together accordingly. Make sure to line up the pieces. I like to place the blocks on a flat surface to ensure the backs are flat/level. 

3. Use a marker or paint to add faces to your ornaments. 

4. Add extra decorations to ornaments. I added greenery and a bell to my Santa and snowman. I drew squiggles on my gingerbread man. I wrapped my present in a ribbon and added a premade bow on top. 

5. Use hot glue to attach your twine or ribbon to the back of your ornament.

I love how simple, easy, and inexpensive these little ornaments are. They turned out so cute. They would be perfect to finish off a present or if you need to make a lot of gifts for students, co-workers, or other large groups. Have you made any ornaments out of Jenga blocks/Tublming Tower pieces yet? If so, I would love to see them. You are always welcome to share photos on my facebook page.

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  1. Stephanie

    Cute items. 😍

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