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Easy DIY Wax Seals For Beginners


  1. wax
  2. hot glue gun
  3. wax seal stamp. I purchased mine from Etsy.
  4. double sided tape
  5. elegant ribbon
  6. Sharpy
  7. silicon mat/work surface
  8. cup of cool water
  9. towel to wipe off water


1.Use a Sharpy or other marker that will not rub off to indicate either the top or the bottom of your wax seal.

2. Place wax seal in cool cup of water. This will help with a cleaner press and release of your wax seal.

3. Place wax glue stick in hot glue gun and allow it to warm up.

4. Place your ribbon on your silicon mat. Make sure it is laying flat.

5. Squeeze out about one and a half squeezes of wax from the glue gun. The amount will vary depending on the type of glue gun and look you are going for. It will get pressed and flattened down, so you will need less than you might think.

6. Remove wax stamp from cool water and wipe it dry on a towel. Then line it up and lightly press it into the hot wax. Do not press to hard that the wax seal goes all the way to your silicon mat. You just need to place the wax seal on top of your hot wax and the weight of the wax seal should be sufficient.

7. You should only need to wait a few seconds before you can remove the wax stamp from your wax. If it does not come off clean, then you can remelt the wax and try again. Also leave the wax seal sit for a little longer if it does not come off cleanly.

8. Allow the wax seal to sit on your silicon mat for a few minutes to allow it to fully dry all the way through. When it is ready to be removed slowly bend back the silicone mat to release the wax seal.

9. Place a piece of double sided tape on the back of your wax seal. Then wrap the ribbon around your invitation and use the double sided tape to attach the wax seal to the other end of the ribbon.

If you plan on sending wax seals through the postal service they must be inside the envelope. That is why I wrapped mine around my invitation. Our post service may or may not take wax seals on the outside of an envelope, and they will charge you a lot more to send them because they will need to be sorted by hand instead of by a machine. This also does not guarantee they wax seal will not get knocked off. So, I recommend playing it say and keeping the wax seals on the inside.

I originally placed the wax seal directly on my invitation but the wax I used was creating a oil mark on the invitation as it dried. I also liked the double sided tape on the back of the wax seal so they would be easy to remove without damaging anything.

I was very happy with how these turned out. They actually did not take to much time to make once you get a rhythm down. My guests also really like this extra touch. If you enjoyed this and would love to see more wax seal designs and possibly multiple colors in one design, then please let me know and we can try them together. Also have you tried creating wax seals? If this was your first time, then let me know how it went.

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