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Easter Bunny Wood Earrings


  1. Wood. I used 3mm thick birch wood.
  2. Glowforge or other laser cutting machine. You can make designs on other materials as well. For example the bunny earring with HTV could be cut out of faux leather instead of wood.
    1.  Learn more about Glowforge and receive coupon code if you would like to buy one.
  3. Acrylic paints
  4. Paint brushes. I like to use these silicone brushes for fine detail.
  5. HTV – heat transfer vinyl
  6. Glue. I used Gorilla glue.
  7. Gold marker
  8. Earring findings.
  9. Needlenose pliers
  10. Different bunny designs can be found in my free library. I added more than just the two I made today. You can also use these designs in many different ways, not just for earrings. I actually used some of these bunnies in a layered design, which you can learn more about here.

Rectangular bunny earrings with flowers

  1. Insure the size of the design is to your liking (sometimes sizes will get changed when they are downloaded or uploaded).
  2. Cut rectangular shape and small circle at top and engrave bunny designs.

3. I watered down my blue paint and painted the boarder and back side of my earrings.

4. I used my silicone paint brushes to paint my bunnies. You may need to do a few coats especially for lighter paint colors. Set aside to dry.

5. Use gold marker around the edges of the piece. You could leave the edges as is, but the gold adds a nice finish to them.

6. Use needlenose pliers to open O ring and add earring findings. See video for example on how to open and assemble.

7. Check your earrings will be facing forward when on ear. If not use needlenose pliers to rotate earing findings. See video for example.

Bunny with HTV

  1. Cut bunny shape out of wood or other material if desired.  
  2. Cut bunny shape out of HTV if desired.
  3. I used Siser HTV, which is done backward to most HTV. For this brand of HTV you place the pattern side up on your mat, and you do not mirror your design. Then weed/remove the unwanted areas of your design.

4. Since they were small I used my hand held iron, no steam for about 15 seconds. Do not forget to place a protective layer over your HTV so it does not ruin your iron. I used a Teflon sheet.

5. Paint the bunny’s tail white and apply a little Gorilla glue to glue it in place. Set it aside until it is fully dry.

6. Add your earring findings. See my video for me details on how to add earring findings.

Which earrings do you like better? I think they are both fun and depend on the look you want to go for. Either earring could also be made into a necklace very easily. You could keep everything the same size if you want to, and just change the earing finding for a necklace chain. You would still add the O ring, then slide the necklace chain through that. You could also make these designs out of faux leather earrings. If you do not want to make earrings, then you have even more possibilities to use these designs. I would love to see what you make.

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