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DYI Sola Wood Flowers With Gold Tips

For this particular arrangement I am going to try something new.  This will be going up in my bathroom next to two canvases with pink flowers and touches of gold.  So, I am going to be making similar flowers in this arrangement to match.  I have not tried to match anything yet.  I also have not tried adding gold to any of my flowers before.  So, we will see how they look.   Also take a look at this post to learn how I made this house shape frame the arrangement is sitting in.


  1. Container.  Mine is from Dollar general.  I believe it was $1 if I remember correctly.  

2. Green dry foam or the great stuff (crack filler) to fill the container. Note there are different colors of Great Stuff to indicate the amount of expansion that will occur.

3. Reindeer moss or something similar to decorate the bottom and cover the green foam or great stuff.

4. Bamboo sticks, 18-gauge wire (something to stem flowers)  

5. Acrylic paint  

6. Hot glue gun and glue and maybe gorilla glue depending on your preference.   

7. Four sola wood flowers  

To start off I filled my container with green dry foam.  I had some extra small pieces laying around that fit perfectly.  I then covered the opening of my container (the green foam) with reindeer moss.  I used gorilla glue this time to glue down my reindeer moss because it was right next to me and easy.  My hot glue gun was in the other room and my cat was asleep on my lap.  I actually might like using the gorilla glue for attaching the reindeer moss better than the hot glue.  The hot glue gets stringy and since it is hot it can be difficult to hold it down as it dries.  With the gorilla glue I placed the glue all over and then took a handful of reindeer moss and slapped it onto.  Then I put my stem trimmers on top to hold it down.  I took the trimmers off the next day and all the reindeer moss was nicely glued down.  With the hot glue I always had to glue the reindeer moss down in sections, and pieces would constantly come off.  I would also usually touch the hot glue at some point by mistake.  Gorilla glue is so much easier.  It made me like apply the reindeer moss.  I was actually debating if I really wanted to buy more reindeer moss because it had always been such a pain to attach, but now it is easy and looks nice.   

gold tipped sola wood flower

While my reindeer moss was gluing, I moved on to painting my flowers.  I started off with this nice light pink color and added a nice amount of paint to my water.  Please see the pictures below to see the thickness of my paint to water mixture.  I like to mix my water and paint with a plastic fork.  The fork acts like a small whisk and does a nice job of mixing the water and paint together. The amount of water to paint will vary depending on the look you are going for, the brand of acrylic paint you are using, and the color of the paint.  So, this part is typically just a trial and error.  I also fluff my flowers if they need it after I dip them into the water and paint mixture.  My hands do get messy, but it comes off pretty easily.  You could wear gloves if you wished.  If I ever have any of the paint and water mixture left over, I always put a lid on it and save it.  When the flowers have dried overnight, I can then check if they need a second dip in the water and paint mixture or if there is just a spot or two that got missed and could use a little more color.  If the flowers need a second coat of color applied, then you probably need to add more paint next time, but for now just redip the flowers in the mixture you have.  For spots I typically just dip a paint brush in the water and paint mixture and paint it onto the flower instead of redipping the entire flower.  This ensures the spot is not missed again.   

Once I dipped all 4 flowers into the light pink paint and water mixture and added any extra paint to areas that may have needed it, I then added my tips of gold.  For the gold I squirted out a small amount of gold acrylic paint and then added a little water to it.  Since I was not dipping the entire flower into the gold, I only needed a small amount.  I then took a paint brush and brushed the water down gold paint onto my flowers randomly.  I applied the gold touches now while the flowers were still wet to help the gold touches blend a little better.  Then I allowed everything to dry overnight.   

While the flowers were drying, I painted the bamboo sticks I was using green. I have a lot of these on hand.  That is why I use these often.  I only use about 3-inch bamboo sticks for these types of projects (flower arrangements) So, you may need to cut yours down before painting them.  I always keep the extras I cut off so I can reuse them in future projects like this.  I do not like to throw things away.  Sometimes it can be a problem.  

Once everything was dry, I used my hot glue gun to attach the stems and flowers.  For tips on how to attach the flowers and stems check out this blog post I wrote.  In there I provide more information on how to stem these flowers.  

Now it is time to assemble the arrangement.  I typically like to start with the flowers first since they are the biggest pieces.  I know others that like to start with the greenery.  I can sometimes be a little skimpy on the greenery.  I like to have more flowers than greenery typically.  This is all a preference thing.  So, go with whatever you like better.  Once I added my flowers where I like I then fill in the gaps with my greenery.  I moved my flowers around a few times till I was happy with their placement.  You just keep messing with and moving things until you are happy with how it looks.   

I think the gold tips turned out well.  I was not sure about them at first, but it will tie things in nicely.  To see how I made this house décor I placed this arrangement in check out this link to my other blog.  I still have one more piece I will be adding to this wall.  So, keep an eye out for it.   

framed house decor

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