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Dollar Tree Wood Pumpkins DIY


  1. Wood crates. I purchased mine from Dollar Tree. I used 4 for this project, but you may need more or less depending on the word you would like to spell out.
  2. Napkins or tissue paper. I bought my napkins from Hobby Lobby.
  3. Mod Podge. I showed a gloss and a mat finish on my pumpkins. Pick which ever you like better or what you have on hand.
  4. Silicone brush to apply the mod podge.
  5. Sandpaper or sanding block
  6. Exacto knife
  7. Scissors
  8. Stick or other item for the stem
  9. Hot glue gun and glue.
  10. Letters to place on pumpkins. You could buy wood letters, metal letters, stickers, or make your letters out of vinyl with a Cricut, which is what I did.
  11. Extra decorations like little sunflowers, berries, or wired twine
  12. Optional: paint and paint brush. I did not paint mine, but you could if you would like. You could also do some dry brushing around the edges to give it a more rustic look as well.


1. Trim down napkin with scissors.

2. Pull extra backing layer off the napkin. You will not need this.

3. Position napkin on pallet so that the pattern lines up to your liking. Then bend edges around the ends of the pallet to mark your placement.

4. Remove napkin and apply a layer of mod podge directly to the wood pallet. Then place the napkin into position onto the wood pallet. With your fingers carefully smooth out the napkin.

5. Allow the mod podge to dry. You can place your napkins on your other pallets as you wait for the mod podge to dry.

6. When your mod podge is dry, use an exacto knife and/or sand paper to remove the extra napkin pieces.

  • Make sure to use the sandpaper or sanding block in a downward motion only for cleaner edges.
  • I removed the edges as well as the center sections of my napkin (anything that was not directly touching the wood). You can choose to remove as much or little of your napkin as you would like.
  • For the inside sections I found it easiest to first use my exacto knife to cut down one side of my napkin. I then used my sandpaper to remove the rest of the napkin.

7. Carefully brush off any napkin scraps and debris from the sandpaper.

8. Apply another layer of mod podge over your napkin to help protect it.

9. Add your letters and extra decorative pieces to your pumpkins.

You do not have to add letters to your pumpkin. You could make individual pumpkins and place them throughout your home or give them as gifts. It would also be cute to make the pumpkins spell out a name or have a cute saying just on one pumpkin.

I also used fire to clean up my tissue paper edges in this Easter egg banner piece.  The napkin should work similarly to the tissue paper, if you would like to see this quick and easy way to clean up your edges.

Easter egg banner

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