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Dollar Tree Winter Birdhouse DIY


  1. Little birdhouse. I purchased mine from Dollar Tree, but I have seen different styles and sizes at a variety of different stores.
  2. Paint
  3. Air dry clay or polymer bake clay if you want to make a little bird
  4. Light weight spackle for the snow
  5. White glitter if you want to add a little sparkle to your snow
  6. Sticks from outside
  7. Wooden snowman from Dollar Tree, you could also make him out of clay
  8. Small bottle brush tree. These can be found at craft stores and Dollar Tree
  9. Dried flowers and other decorations
  10. Hot glue gun and glue

I started out by painting my wooden birdhouse. Wood likes to suck up paint, so you may need to apply a few layers. Do not forget to paint under the roof and around the opening. I painted my bird house solid gray, but feel free to use different colors and paint it with more than one color. I also thought about painting my birdhouse a deep red or a forest green color. I also painted my wooden snowman. I kept him very simple and did not add a face or any extra details.

While my paint was drying, I made a little red bird out of air dry clay. You could also use polymer baking clay. I did not use this clay, because I did not want to heat up an oven for such a small piece.  Made a pretty simple bird. I used red clay to make a small, but a little thick snake. I then bent the ends of the snake a little. Then I put a little bit of yellow for the beak on one end, and used my fingers to make it a little pointy. Then I set him aside to dry.

winter birdhouse

For my pile of logs, I clipped a small stick into three pieces. Then I painted each stick with white paint, and quickly rubbed it off. This left a hint of white paint still on the stick. Then I set these aside to dry.

winter birdhouse

After my paint was dry, I added some lightweight spackle. I decided to add some extra fine white glitter to my spackle along with some white acrylic paint to make it more white. Once the glitter and white paint was mixed well into my spackle, I used a stiff bristle paint brush to apply my spackle in areas around my birdhouse. I also used the lightweight spackle to help hold/glue pieces in place. I made sure to add clumps of snow around my tree, and snowman, which also helped hold them in place. If the spackle alone is not holding a piece, then I recommend adding a little hot glue. I did this for my snowman and logs of wood. I found it was easier to glue my logs of wood together first, then apply some lightweight spackle over them to cover up any glue spots and make it look like they got snow on them.

winter birdhouse

I added a little snow/lightweight spackle to my snowman to make him not look as smooth, more realistic. I then added some to my bottle brush tree and logs. I also added pile of snow on the ground around these items. The roof and opening to the birdhouse also got spots of snow on them. My favorite is at the end of the bird perch. That really looked nice there in my opinion. My suggestion is to add piles of snow in random areas, and to not make it look to symmetrical and even. Make sure to get the edges of things like the roof and ground, so it does not just stop.  

You can add more or less decorations till you are happy with your little birdhouse. Some small dried berries or flowers would also be pretty and give it a nice pop of color. You could also add a nice word or small phrase to the side of your birdhouse. Maybe a simple small lace bow on the front. Do not be afraid to get creative with it. You can hold things up or use some tape to see how it will look before you glue things down. I love how this turned out and may need to make more next year. I cannot wait to see what you add to your little birdhouse.

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