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Dollar Tree Rope Bunny Coasters Or Tier Tray Décor


  1. White rope.
  2. Hot glue gun and glue
  3. Fabric and/or ribbon for behind the ears and to make a bow
  4. Greenery and a flower. Use what you have on hand and decorate to your own style.

If you are only making one bunny, then you do not need a lot of rope. I purchased my white rope from Dollar Tree and only used about half of it. If you plan on making multiple, then it might be cheaper to buy your rope in a larger quantity somewhere else. When I made my rope baskets, I purchased my larger quantity of rope from Amazon via this link.

I started off by removing the black tape at the end of my rope. I then needed to apply glue to the end of my rope to prevent it from unraveling. If your rope has a clean end/no tape at the end, then you do not need to do this.  

 Next, I rolled my rope on the table in a circle. You may get glue on your work surface. So, I recommend working on a surface that is easy to peel dried glue off of or you do not mind getting glue on. I like to apply glue the entire way around my rope as I roll it. Keep rolling your rope in a circle around itself gluing as you go, until your bunny head is to the size you want it. I wrapped my rope around itself about 4 times. I think this was a good size for either a coaster or to sit in a tier tray. The thickness of your rope will also make a difference on how many times you want to wrap it.

Next is the ears. I glued these on separately. I took some rope and placed it to my liking on my bunny’s head, then cut it down to size with some scissors. This is thick rope and takes a little bit to cut through it, but just keep working at it. I then used this piece of rope I just cut to measure and cut my rope for my other ear. I did this so both ears would be about the same size.

rope bunny

Once my rope was cut out for my ears, I used my hot glue to glue them in place. You may want to lay your rope out first to make sure you like the spacing of your ears before you glue them down. I glued one of my ears where I ended my rope on the head to cover this up. You can glue the ends of the ears slightly behind the head or directly on top of the head.

Now that the ears are glued in place, I picked a ribbon I liked and that fit nicely between my bunny’s ears. I then applied some hot glue around the edges of the bunny’s ears from the back side. I then placed my ribbon in place, and cut off the extra.

Now all that is left is to add some greenery, a bow, and a flower, or other decorative pieces to finish off your bunny. This decorations also help to hind where you joined the ears to the head and all the extra glue. I first glued down some greenery to my bunny’s head. Then I made a simple bow with some ribbon. I used a different ribbon for this than I did for the ears simply because the ribbon I used for the ears is difficult to make bows with. It is more like fabric washi tape than ribbon. The ribbon I used for the ears was a little wider than the ribbon I made the bow with, and I needed that slightly thicker ribbon for the ears. You can make the ears and a bow in the same ribbon or fabric or different. I then finished it off by adding a little pink felt flower. This pink flower I bought awhile ago, but it is a simple flower to make. You can use the same pattern in my library and see my felt flower on a wooden heart tutorial to see how to make your own. You could also use other small flower you might already have.

I thought about making a little pink nose for my bunny out of felt, but decided he did not need it. You could even make an entire face for your bunny if you wanted too. I really like how this bunny turned out. It might be one of my favorite Easter related crafts I have made thus far. It is simple and easy to make, but yet very beautiful and high-end looking. I am going to keep my bunny in a tier tray, and possibly leave her out all year around. I think she is to pretty to use as a coaster for a drink, but you could.

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