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Dollar Tree Foam Dice Bunny Head


  1. Foam square.  You could use other square items with rounded corners as well. I purchased mine in a 2 pack from Dollar Tree.  
  1. 2 balloons of the same color.  This will be the color of your bunny.  
  1. Cotton ball for tail  
  1. Glue.  I used gorilla glue, but hot glue should also work.  
  1. Felt for ears and nose.  
  1. Vinyl for face, or you could use a marker to drawl the face on.  
  1. Optional: bow or flower or other embellishments.  
Easter bunny

The first step is to put your balloons around your foam square.  My balloons were a bit tight for my foam square, and I found it made it easier to cut the tail end off of my balloons to make the opening wider.  It also helped having an extra set of hands to hold the foam square as the other person pulled the balloons one at a time over the foam square.  I put one balloon on first, then flipped the square over and put the other balloon on.  This way one balloon covered up the opening of the other on the square.  My second balloon had extra tail hanging, so I glued it down.   

For the bunny face and ears, I used my Cricut Maker, but you could use another cutting machine, or do it by hand.  You could drawl the face by hand with a marker, and hand cut out the felt ears.  Since I have a Cricut machine I decided to use it.  I started out by measuring my foam square.  It was a little over 2 inches.  I then made a square in Design Space that was the same size to help me determine how big to make my bunny face and ears.  I already had the SVG file of my bunny face and ears made, so I just uploaded them into Design Space.  If you need help learning how to upload a file into Design Space, then please click here.  Now click on the square you just made in Design Space, and click align, move to back.  This will make the bunny face show in front of the square.  Then move the bunny face and ears over to the square and line them up to your liking.  Next, adjust the size of the bunny face and ears to your liking according to how they look against the square.  I recommend changing the size of the face all together so you do not get one eye bigger than the other or something like that.  If they are not already grouped together, then just select all the face features before making size adjustments.   

Once you are satisfied with the bunny features, it is time to make them.  Since the ears will be made out of felt, and not vinyl like the face, you will need to change the color of them so Cricut knows to put them on a separate mat.  You can also hide or delete the square you made now, since you do not want to actually make this piece.  It was just to help you size the other pieces.  I cut the felt ears and nose on the pink fabric mat with the rotary blade on the felt setting.  I cut the permanent vinyl on the green standard mat, with the fine point blade, on permanent vinyl setting.  

Now it is time to assemble everything.  I started out by placing the bunny’s face in place.  I did each piece separately, but I could have weeded out the back unused vinyl, and then used transfer tape to ensure each piece was spaced evenly, instead of just eyeballing it.  I then used gorilla glue to glue both the inside and outside pieces of the bunny’s ears together.  I did not want there to be chunks of glue or glue strings showing, that is why I decided to use gorilla glue instead of my hot glue.  This is more of a preference thing.  Use which ever glue you prefer.  I then used the gorilla glue to attach the ears to the top of the foam square.  I used the glue bottle to help hold the ears in place as the gorilla glue dried.  I used a little more gorilla glue to attach the pink felt nose over the black vinyl nose (this is optional) and the cotton ball for the tail in the back.  Now just let everything dry.    

Easter bunny

I added the bow the next day because I felt the bunny needed a little something.  Flowers would also be very pretty to add to you bunny head.  You can attach the embellishments you chose for your bunny with glue or if you want to be able to change them out for different seasons or moods, then you could attach them with some double-sided tape or folded tape.  Depending on the placement of the bow my bunny looks like a boy or a girl bunny.  I did not think about adding a flower until I was writing this up.  I think I might try to change my bow out for one or two paper flowers in the future.   

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