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Dollar Tree DIY Stand/Booth (kissing booth, plant stand, farmer’s market, and more)


  1. Wooden crate
  2. Mini wooden skid
  3. 10 tumbling tower/ Jenga pieces
  4. Wood glue
  5. Hot glue and glue gun
  6. Elmer’s glue/school glue
  7. Paint and paint brush
  8. Burlap, ribbon, lace, or other material to make your flags out of.
  9. Scissors
  10. Yarn, twine, or other string like material to hang your flags from.
  11. I also used stamps, but you could make a sign, write on your both with a thin marker, or add other decorations.
  12. Decorations to put inside your booth. I made my booth into a little farmer’s market plant booth. So, I added the plants I made in a past post. To see how I made these plants, then please click here.
Dollar Tree DIY booth

I first decided on my color scheme and painted all my wooden pieces. I wanted a light mint color, so I mixed a green and white paint together. I then painted the Jenga pieces white. I was going to dry brush/sponge on some brown paint randomly all over my booth, but after my booth was finished, I decided against the brown, because I liked it how it was, and I was afraid the brown might mess it up.

You can watch my YouTube video here, or click here to head to my YouTube channel to watch it and save it for later.

Once the paint was dry, I used wood glue to glue two sets of three Jenga blocks together and two sets of two Jenga blocks together. I set these aside to dry. Once these pieces were dry I used wood glue to glue them to the upside down wooden crate. I glued the 2 three Jenga block long pieces in the back and the 2 shorted two Jenga block long pieces in the front. Please see my pictures to see how I glued these pieces. I then set these aside to dry. I tried to glue the roof piece on while the Jenga blocks were not fully glued down to the base, and it did not go well. So, do not rush it and let each piece dry fully before moving on to the next step.

While my pieces were drying/gluing, I moved onto the decorations. I started off by stamping the words farmer’s market to the top of my booth (the mini skid). My letter stamps were a little small for my booth. You could use stamps like I did, or you could write on your booth with a thin marker. You could also make your own sign and attach it to your booth. Maybe you can make different signs that can be changed out for the different seasons/holidays. Since my stamp letters were pretty little, the top of my both looked empty and plain. I decided to add this pretty flower stamp to the corners. This really made the look of my booth. It is funny how different a piece can look by changing or adding or removing even just one thing. I like to hold things up to my piece to try and see how it will look before I glue anything down.

Dollar Tree DIY booth

The next decorative piece I made for my booth was some cute little flags. I liked the burlap flags the best. I used scissors to cut a strip of burlap, this way the flags would all be about the same size. I then cut little triangles out of my strip of burlap, one angled cut at a time. I cut one flag out first, then used that flag to help cut the others out at about the same size and angle. Once all of my burlap flags were cut out, glued them onto a piece of yarn. To glue the burlap flags to the yarn, I used school glue, which I put in a thin tip glue bottle. The thin tip was nice so the glue did not get everywhere. I then used my hot glue gun to glue the ends of the yarn to the sides of my booth. The hot glue was not the cleanest glue method for this, but it was the quickest and easiest. Since it was on the sides, I decided it was fine, and not to noticeable. I only glue the sides of the flag banner to my booth so the rest of the banner would have some movement.

Dollar Tree DIY booth

By this time the sides of my booth were dry and glued down. I used hot glue to attach the roof/mini skid to my booth. I choose hot glue so it would dry quickly. The glue in this area is hidden, so it was okay to add extra glue for more support as well as to be a little messy. My stamps were not completely dry when I added the roof and I did smudge the stamp ink some. So, once everything was dry, I went in with a thin paint brush and covered up my ink smudges. That is the nice thing about paint, if you do not like something, it can usually be covered up with a little paint.

Dollar Tree DIY booth

I then decided to add one more thing to my booth, some wheels. You do not have to add these if you do not want to. It all depends on the look you want. To make my wheels I used some scrap pieces of draft wood I had left over from a previous project. You could also other round items you might have around your house, like a bottle cap, large buttons, or wheels from an old toy. I painted my wheels black. I waited for my black paint to dry, then used a round sponge brush to make a white center on my wheels. I touched up the white spots with a thin paint brush. I then used wood glue to attach my wheels to my booth. Other glues may be better depending on what material your wheels are made out of.

The last step is to add your decorations to the inside of your booth/stand. I added some paper quilled plants I made awhile back. You can see how I made these pieces, by checking out my blog post, which can be found here.

Dollar Tree DIY booth

There is a lot of character you could add to this little booth. You could change it out for the different seasons or just make it specific for one season. My original idea was to make a kissing booth, but since I do not normally decorate for Valentine’s Day, I switched my design to the farmer’s market. The farmer’s market still gives me some flexibility if I want to change it up. What type of booth/stand will you be making?

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