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DIY Yarn Pumpkin


  1. White yarn. I used chenille
  2. Stick or something for the stem
  3. Extra decorations for your pumpkin, like leaves, wired jute cord, flowers
  4. Styrofoam ball
  5. Knife to cut Styrofoam pumpkin. An apple corer may also be beneficial.
  6. Possibly some hot glue depending if you add extras to your pumpkin
  7. Thick embroidery needle or paper clip to help you thread your yarn.
yarn pumpkin

Step 1

  • Prep the Styrofoam ball:
    • Cut whole through the center
    • Cut off both the top and bottom

Step 2

Wrap yarn all the way around Styrofoam ball (through the center)

Step 3

Tuck end of yarn into center of pumpkin

Step 4

Stick stem and other decorations onto your pumpkin. May need hot glue.

The first step is to prepare your Styrofoam ball. I first made a nice large hole in the center of my Styrofoam ball. An apple corer would also work well for this. I found inserting your knife then moving it in a rotational motion worked best instead of just trying to cut all the way through. You could also use a drill to help you with this. Do which ever method you feel most comfortable with. I then used my knife to cut off the top and bottom of my Styrofoam ball. This helps the pumpkin stay up on its own and gives it more of a pumpkin shape.

Now that our Styrofoam ball is ready to go, its time to start wrapping it. I threaded my yarn through a paper clip to help me grab and thread my yarn through my Styrofoam. You will want to place the end of your yarn along a side of your Styrofoam ball. Now pull your yarn through the center of your Styrofoam ball, do not loose the end of your yarn, hold it in place with your other hand. The end of your yarn should stay in place after one wrap.

yarn pumpkin

You can now continue wrapping your pumpkin/Styrofoam ball by threading your yarn through the center of your Styrofoam ball center. Continue doing this until your Styrofoam ball is completely covered by your yarn to your satisfaction. If you need more yarn, then just make sure to do at least one wrap around the end of your yarn to hold it in place.

Once your pumpkin is wrapped, it is time to add your stem and any other decorative pieces you want to your pumpkin. I used a tree branch for my stem. I was able to just press the stem into my pumpkin, but you may need to reinforce it with some hot glue depending how large the center opening is in your pumpkin and the thickness of your yarn.

I also decided to add a little curly vine onto my pumpkin. To make the curly vine, I tightly twisted some wired twine around a pencil (or finger or other similar item) then pulled it off and uncoiled it a little. The wire will allow it to keep its shape. I then applied some hot glue to help hold it in place.

yarn pumpkin

I think it would be fun to make a lot of different yarn pumpkins in varies sizes and types of yarn. I really like how soft this type of yarn is. I think I prefer this white yarn pumpkin over the one I made last week (yellow messy yarn pumpkin). I like the cleaner look to this yarn pumpkin, but that is just my preference. Which yarn pumpkin style do you like better? This yarn pumpkin did take a little longer to make, but both are pretty quick, easy, and inexpensive to make. The post on how to make this blue pumpkin can be found here. I love how these three pumpkins look together and all the different textures.

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