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DIY Wine Bottle Snowman


  1. Wine bottle or other similar container.
  2. White acrylic paint or spray paint. 
  3. Sponge brush 
  4. Mat Mod Podge
  5. My snowman faces 
  6. Hot glue and glue gun 
  7. String or twine 
  8. Scissors 
  9. Long socks 
  10. Cricut machine (any will work) or other similar machine 
  11. Permanent vinyl in orange and black


  1. Use a sponge brush to apply white acrylic paint in a dabbing motion to cover your wine bottle. You do not need to cover the narrow portion of your wine bottle as this will get covered up by the sock hat. You could also use spray paint, but I like the extra texture you get from the acrylic paint and a sponge brush. Apply additional coats of paint or spray paint as needed. 

2. Once your paint is dry, apply a layer of mat mod podge with a sponge brush to help protect your paint from scratching off. 

3. Use your Cricut machine or other similar machine to cut out your snowman face from permanent vinyl. You could also hand paint the face or use a sticker. I made my face 2 inches wide, but this will depend on the size of your glass bottle and the face you use. 

4. Transfer your face to your bottle. You can use transfer tape if needed. I like to apply faces by hand without any transfer tape. If you use transfer tape, make sure it is not too sticky or it could remove or scratch your white paint. 

5. Cut your sock down to size. Apply a sock to the bottom of the glass bottle to act as the scarf for your snowman. Add hot glue if needed to help hold it in place. I also folded down the cut area of the sock so it does not show. 

6. Place a full sock or a partial sock if desired to the top of your glass bottle. This will act as a hat for your snowman as well as to hide the narrow portion of the wine bottle. Apply glue around the rim of your hat/sock if desired to keep the hat in place. If you wish to add fairy lights to the inside of your snowman, or change out the hats in the future, then do not glue your hat to your bottle. 

7. Use twine or string to tie off the tip of your sock. Then use scissors to cut slits in the tip of your sock to make a pom pom effect at the end of your hat. 

8. Add extra embellishments like a bow to cover where you tied off your sock hat. 

This was such a quick and easy, yet so cute craft to make. It would make great inexpensive gifts as well. If you missed the scarecrow wine bottle we made, then click here to learn more. Let me know which one is your favorite. 

If you want to use a wine bottle that is still full, then just do not glue the hat on so you can open it later. Once the wine is finished, put the hat back on and use it as decoration. What a fun gift idea!

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