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DIY Wedding Aisle Flowers Décor


  1. A flat piece of wood or cardboard.
  2. A frame you would like to set your flower arrangement on.
  3. Paint and/or spray paint
  4. Hot glue and glue gun
  5. Gorilla glue
  6. 18 gauge floral wire
  7. wire cutters
  8. Floral foam or Styrofoam
  9. Flowers. I used sola wood flowers, which I dyed with acrylic paint and glycerin to soften them up.
  10. Greenery. I recommend a garland as well as some extra loose greenery of a few different types.
  11. Optional: extra fillers like berries or baby’s breath


  1. Cut a piece of wood or sturdy cardboard down to size so it will sit nicely on top of your frame.
  2. Paint the board if needed. I painted the top and sides of mine green.
  3. Arrange Styrofoam on your board to add extra height to your piece. Then use hot glue and/or gorilla glue to secure the Styrofoam into place on your board. You may need to cut your Styrofoam. I tried to arrange my greenery first without the Styrofoam and it looked very droopy, and I could not get it to look quite right. The Styrofoam really helped shape it.

4. Next I used a greenery garland and wrapped it around my board and Styrofoam, securing it with gorilla glue and hot glue. The hot glue is to make it stay in place quickly and hold it in place as the gorilla glue dries, which creates a stronger hold. You could also place individual pieces of greenery instead of the garland, but the garland will be quicker.

  • Do not worry about the areas where the Styrofoam or board are showing through. Those will get filled in later.

5. Prep your flowers and extra greenery. If you are using sola wood flowers like I did, then dye your flowers and let them dry. Cut down greenery, flowers, and extra filler to smaller sizes you would like to use, then use hot glue to apply a floral wire to the end.

  • I waited to cut my floral wire till I was ready to use it to insure it was long enough.

6. Insert your extra greenery, flowers, and extra pieces where you see gaps, cutting the floral wire as you go. You could add hot glue to the floral wire to make it more secure, but I did not feel it was necessary as long as I pushed a good amount of the floral wire into my Styrofoam. I did use hot glue on pieces that were attached to my board, and thus not able to be pushed into the Styrofoam.

  • I decided it was missing something and added small amounts of fake baby’s breath, which helped tie it together with my bouquet. The baby’s breath really helped finish it off.

7. Repeat above steps if you are making multiple.

I actually also spraypainted my rectangular frame this piece was sitting on. It was originally black. So, it is not too difficult to change the color if you need to. I found my rectangular frame from a marketplace. The spray paint also helped to cover up chipped paint areas.  I made a total of two of these and had them sitting at the beginning of my aisle. I thought about draping more greenery down the sides, but it just was not looking right to me, and I was running out of greenery.

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