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DIY Terra Cotta Pot Mushrooms


  1. Terra cotta pots. I used one small and one larger about 4.25 inch pot 
  1. Terra cotta pot saucers. I used a total of three. Two 4.25 inch and one 6 inch 
  1. Paint. I just used apple barrel acrylic paint. Nothing fancy is needed. Just use what you have.   
  1. Paint brush  
  1. Optional: circular sponge paint brush  
  1. Optional: glue  

I started out by trying the different combinations of terra cotta pots and saucers.  I decided to put one larger and one smaller saucer on the larger terra cotta pot.  I then put one smaller saucer on the smaller terra cotta pot. I liked this combination. I then decided on my colors for each piece. There were so many colors I almost went with, but in the end, I kept it simple and went with red and a light blue.  

I then started painting all my terra cotta pots (the bases of the mushrooms) white. You could pick other colors, but I liked the simple white. This took a few coats of paint to completely cover the terra cotta pots. Next, I painted the tops of my mushrooms, the terra cotta saucers. I painted one of the small saucers red, which covered very nicely. I then painted the other two saucers my light blue, a few coats were needed. Feel free to make many more mushrooms in a variety of different colors. I am actually thinking about going back and buying more and making more.  

terra cotta pot mushrooms

Once the saucers were dry, I painted white dots on them. A circular sponge brush would work best for this. I did not have one of these brushes and was excited to finish these mushrooms. So, I used other tools to make my circles, since I could not wait for the stores to open the next morning. You can watch my YouTube video of some of the different things I tried to make my circles. In the end I think making an initial spot with a roundish paint brush, then free handing the rest of the spot worked best for me. I free handed the smaller dots.  

terra cotta pot mushrooms

Now that the paint is all dry it is time to assemble the mushrooms. If you want you could add some super glue or hot glue to your saucers and glue them to the terra cotta pot bases. I decided not to glue mine together in case I wanted to change them out in the future, especially if I buy and make more. I like the idea of being to change them around if I want.  

When I was buying the terra cotta pots, I found this perfect little white pot. It was a little pricey, but it really looked like the bottom of a mushroom. It was also nice that it was already white, so I did not have to paint it. This shows that you do not have to just use terra cotta pots for this project. When you are buying your pots, try out different combinations of pots and saucers you find. I do like that the terra cotta pots and saucers are heavier than the plastic ones, so they will not fall over as easily.  

These terra cotta mushrooms can even be placed outside. I would recommend spraying them with a protective layer or even mode podge before placing them outside though. I plan to use my mushrooms in a fairy garden. You will have to stay tune on other pieces I make for this fairy garden. 

These cute mushrooms could be great for any season depending on how you decorate them. I used some butterflies to make them look springy. If you add some fall leaves, they will be perfect for fall. You could even make one into a fairy house by painting a door on the front of it. If you want some Halloween mushrooms, then just paint the tops black or dark purple and add some spider webs. I want to add a cute gnome next to my mushrooms, but I do not have any of my sock gnomes left. I need to make some more for myself. If you are interested in how I made my sock gnomes, then click here. They were so cute, that everyone asks for them as soon as I make some, so I never have any for myself. What mushrooms will you make, or will be changing them out for the different seasons? If you do not glue the tops on, then you can easily change the colors of your mushrooms for the different seasons.  

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