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DIY Stuffed Fabric Trees No Sewing


  1. Fabric. I picked up my fabric from Dollar Tree. You could also get some scrap fabric pieces from a fabric store. 
  2. A base. I used a wood ornament slice. 
  3. A stick or wood dowel rod to use as the tree trunk. 
  4. Hot glue and glue gun. 
  5. Stuffing. 
  6. Cricut machine or other machine that can cut thin fabrics. You can also cut your tree out by hand with scissors. 
  7. Tree template. I have the template I made available for free in my Library. 
  8. Optional: extra pieces to decorate your tree, like a star or bow or berries. 


1. Cut out two tree shapes. If you do not have a cutting machine, then you can print a template and cut the tree shape out by hand. I like to use the rotary blade along with the pink fabric mat to cut out fabric pieces. The rotary blade can only be used with the Cricut Maker and Maker 3 models at this time. Thinner fabrics like this cotton fabric I got from Dollar Tree can also be cut with the fine point blade with the other Cricut models, you will just need to find what cutting setting works best for you and your fabric of choice. I used the 100% cotton fabric setting for my fabric, with more pressure. 

2. Apply hot glue around the edges of your trees, except for the bottom, to attach them together. You could also sew your two trees together. 

3. Fill your tree with filler. Use a thin stick if needed to fill all areas of your tree. 

4. Cut the tree trunk down to size, remember to make it a little longer than you would like it to be so that you can put part of it inside your tree. 

5. Apply hot glue to your tree trunk and place it inside the bottom of your tree. Then use your hot glue to glue the bottom of your tree closed. 

6. Attach the base to your tree trunk. I used a combination of hot glue and gorilla glue to do this. If you have a thicker piece of wood you could drill a hole in your base to set your tree trunk into to make it more stable. 

7. Add any extra decorations to your tree. I used hot glue to wrap some berries around my tree. A small bow or a star to the top of your tree would be nice. You could also decorate the base as well. If you used the ornament slices like I did, then you could use wood filler to fill in the small hole for hanging. 

If you are good at sewing, then you could get more creative with this little tree, but I think it turned out nice. Since it is being used as decoration only it should be fine just being hot glued together. You can always reglue an area if needed. 

Since these are relatively inexpensive and quick to make, you could make multiples of them in different sizes and even different colors and patterns of fabrics. I think it would look nice to have a bunch of them.

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