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How to make a snowman wreath with Dollar Tree products


  1. Two packets of white decorative mesh
  2. One pack of black decorative mesh
  3. Snowman wire frame. I got mine from Dollar Tree.
  4. Pipe cleaners, twisty ties, or something similar. Preferably in black and white
  5. Roller cutter
  6. Cutting mat with measurements
  7. Ribbon for scarf
  8. Hot glue and glue gun
  9. Felt
  10. Twine
  11. Cloth for sign
  12. tacky glue
  13. My free SVG file to make you sign/banner, which you can find in my library

I started out by measuring 6 inches of my white decorative mesh. I then used my roller cutter to cut my decorative mesh at the 6 inch mark. You will need at least two of these 6 inch long pieces of the decorative mesh. I only did two pieces, but you could make larger pieces with you wish. If you make your pieces longer than 6 inches or more than two layers/pieces per bundle, then you may need more rolls of decorative mesh. Once you have all your strips of decorative mesh, you need to roll the decorative mesh strips. I used twisty ties to tie my decorative mesh strips together. Pip cleaners may look nicer, but I did not have any white ones on hand. I recommend offsetting the strips of rolled decorative mesh. I also used my fingers to help shape and widen my pieces.

Once you have your decorative mesh bundles, use the twisty ties or pipe cleaners to tie the mesh bundle to the wreath form. I alternated where I tied the bundles to the wreath form. I tied my first mesh bundle to the upper wire on my wreath form. I then tied my second mesh bundle to the second/lower wire frame on my wreath form.

I attached 5 mesh bundles per section on my wire wreath frame. You will also need to fluff and rearrange the mesh bundles. I attached my 5 mesh bundles, then fluffed them out. I moved pieces to help cover up the center of other bundles where my twist ties were showing. You can use hot glue to glue pieces in place to insure they do not move.

I did the same thing with the black decorative mesh. Since the hat was different in terms of shape, I placed the mesh bundles where I thought they should go. The hat is a little wild for my liking, but there was not much wire to do a lot with it. I ended up taking a few of the decorative mesh bundles off, and using some hot glue to help shape the hat more. This helped a lot I think. I also recommend using black pip cleaners or twisty ties to tie your mesh to your wreath. The white really show up against the black mesh.

Next, I made a sign/banner which I will provide to you for free in my library. Click here to go to my library. Click here if you need the password to my library. You may need to resize your pieces. I made my entire piece about 14 inches long all together (the width between my snowman’s hands), which made each flag just shy of one inch.

I cut the snowflakes and letters out of felt on my Cricut maker machine. I used the setting wool felt. When I just selected felt, it would not let me switch my tool to the rotary blade, which I think makes cleaner cuts in this type of material. So, I used the wool felt setting on the pink mat so I could use the rotary blade. It did not cut my designs out completely. I could have done more pressure or ran the cut through a second time. Instead, I just used scissors to finish cutting the few sections that did not cut all the way through. I am not sure what material my flags are made from. It was a thicker fabric that I found laying around. So, I decided to use the setting thick material like denim. It pretty much cut all the way through. There were just a couple strands of string that I had to snip with my scissors. I used the normal pressure for all of these settings.

Once all of my pieces were cut out, I used a little tacky glue to glue my felt letters to my flags. I then threaded my twine through my flags.  I also used a dot of tacky glue to glue my snowflakes to my twine. I was surprised how well this tacky glue worked for the snowflakes, since I used very little. I cut off any extra twine, and tied this banner to my snowman’s hands.

I then decided to add a scarf to my snowman. I measured out some ribbon, and cut it. I cut a smaller piece of ribbon and hot glued it to the other piece to complete the scarf. I used hot glue to hold the ribbon scarf in place. I then folded the ends of the ribbon and made a diagonal cut with my scissors to add a nice end to my scarf.

This wreath took a lot of time, mostly cutting, rolling, and tying all the decorative mesh pieces. I really liked how my snow sign/banner turned out. I only wish I made the snowflakes in a light blue color, so they would show up better. I am still not completely liking the hat, but over all I am happy with how it turned out. If you have made a snowman wreath, I would love to see how yours turned out. Please share pictures here or on my social media handles.

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