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DIY Round Succulent Wall Hanging Planter


  1. Round wall hanging planter.  I purchased mine from Target, but Amazon also has some. SHE’S HOME Morden Round Indoor Wall Succulent Hanging Planter, Metal Decorative Freestanding Mount Holder with Glass (Dark-Brown)
  2. Colorful sand and nice looking rocks. I got my rocks from dollar tree, but Amazon has a lot of varieties to choice from if you want something specific. Art Sand, Craft Sand Scenic Sand Decor Colored Sand(10 Colors, Total 2.2 LB)
  3. Fake succulent plants.  I purchased mine from both dollar tree and Michaels.  

I purchased the circular planter from Targets bullseye playground section, formally known as the dollar spot.  They were $5 each.  Amazon also sells them, but they are a bit more expensive. They are probably a little more sturdy however. SHE’S HOME Morden Round Indoor Wall Succulent Hanging Planter, Metal Decorative Freestanding Mount Holder with Glass (Dark-Brown) The circular planter from Target came in the dark brown color I purchased as well as a light brown / unfinished color.  I am a sucker for dark wood colors, particularly a dark oak and cherry.  You could also spray paint them another color if your want, just remember to tape off the glass section. I first tried to put real succulents in these planters…  Learn from my mistake, these are only made for decoration.  I started out by adding some decorative rocks at the bottom, then filled the top with soil and a little piece off of my Christmas cactus to see how it would work.  I was worried about getting the walls wet when spraying the plants with water.  Well the round planter does not do well when it gets wet.  Even with the small amount of water I sprayed on the soil it soaked all the way through to the wooden planter frame and it started to break apart.  The side started to split and the veneer wood covering started to peel off.  So, I quickly scrapped that idea and took everything out.  I dried the round planter well.  I was glad I only tested the one first, and not both. 

So, after this mess I decided to just buy some fake succulents.  I purchased my succulents from Michaels, because I saw some I already had my eye on and they were having a sale on them.  I also purchased a few from dollar tree.  They came in a small plastic container, that I just pulled them out of.  Feel free to buy which ever succulents you like.  I like the ones that dangle down the side.  Unfortunately, those were not on sale at Michaels at the time, and I was too excited to start working on this.  So, I just tried to make my own kind of dangle ones instead of waiting for another coupon or sale.  While I was out shopping for my succulents, I remembered I had some nice colorful sand I had been wanting to find a project to use it on.  So, with succulents in hand and the sand back home it was time for me to head home and start working on this planter. 

These planters are actually bigger than they seem and used a lot of sand to fill them up.  I started with the blue and green and originally planned on doing both the same color and design, but the first planter used up all the green and blue and was not even enough to make it all the way to the top.  With the blue and green sand I tilted the planter from side to side while pouring the different layers of sand in to make them not so even and a bit of a design.  I had some rocks laying out from another project I was doing.  These rocks worked perfectly for filling the rest of the planter, and I really liked the sand rock combination.  For the next planner I decided to do a sunset type of theme, since I had red, orange, and yellow sand left.  I poured the red sand in and lightly tapped the planter on the floor to even out the sand.  I then started to pour the orange sand in with now real rhyme or reason, and then tapped it down as I went to even it out.  As I was tapping it down the orange and red sand started to bland together.  So, that was not going to work.  As I was trying to think of other ways to even out the sand, I noticed the one spot could be made to look like a mountain.  So, I decided to go with that and try to make mountains as I poured the sand.  If all else it made for a nice design I think.  For the yellow, after I poured it in and then used a stick I had laying around to try and even out the top. 

Next, I placed the rocks on top.  I actually think I like how this one turned out even better than my blue and green one, which I thought I was going to like more.  Next, I started to add my succulents.  I just stuck them into the rocks and some of the sand depending on how long their stems were.  You could glue them in place if you want, but just sticking them in seems to work just fine.  Plus, if you change your mind you can easily take it apart.  I tried to add the succulents evenly, so, same number of succulents, one that kind of hung down, and a taller one to each planter.  I also placed the succulents with like colors.  The succulent that kind of hangs down was actually one big succulent that I cut in half to split between the two planters.  I also tried to cut off individual succulents and glued them back on strategically to make them dangle a little more.  The succulent I cut and glued is in the blue and green planter.  It just worked okay, so I only did it for the one planter.  Over all I am really happy with how these turned out, and they will be hanging on my kitchen wall for a long time.  If you try this project or one similar, I would love to see pictures of how it turned out.   

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