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DIY Peek-A-Boo Glitter Wine Glass using Cricut


  1. Stemless wine glass or other clear container. Dollar Tree has some nice options.
  2. Extra fine glitter.
  3. Mod podge. I recommend using dishwasher mod podge. Make sure you note how long it takes for the mod podge to fully dry before getting it wet. I still would not put this piece in the dishwasher. I would wash it by hand.
  4. Sponge brush to apply the mod podge.
  5. Paint brush to brush off extra glitter between layers.
  6. Dry erase marker.
  7. Blue painters tape.
  8. Cricut machine or other similar machine to make your saying and surprises inside.
  9. Permanent vinyl. Make sure your vinyl is the same color on the back as it is on the front. You could probably also use a rub on decal and things like that. Just remember the back sticky side is the side that will be showing at the bottom.
  10. Transfer tape for your vinyl.
  11. Something to protect your work surface.
  12. Optional: mini vacuum to help clean up glitter. Works best if you move it in a circular motion when picking up glitter.
  13. My design which includes extra sayings can be found for free in my library.


1.Clean your cup.

2. Set a dry erase marker horizontally on an item that is the same height as where you would like your glitter to come up on your glass. With your glass flat on a desk or table rotate it against the dry erase marker as it sits horizontally on the item of your desired height. This will create an even line all the way around your glass.

3. Place your blue painters tape along the line you created with the dry erase marker. You can apply your painters tape in strips or pieces if you have trouble keeping it straight on your line.

4. Measure, size, and cut your vinyl pieces. If you use any words for the surprise pieces at the bottom, then you will want to mirror them.

5. Place the vinyl pieces you want at the bottom of your glass under your tape line, sticky side touching the glass. Use transfer tape to help transfer vinyl to glass if needed,

6. Apply a layer of mod podge directly over your vinyl pieces and all areas of the glass under the blue tape line. It is okay if you get some mod podge on the blue tape.

7. Next apply your extra fine glitter. I recommend placing a piece of paper under your glass to catch any extra glitter that falls off. You can then pour that extra glitter back into it’s container.

8. Once your glass is completely covered in glitter below the blue tape line (make sure you cover the very bottom of your wine glass), place the glass upside down to dry.

9. Once it is dry take a paint brush and brush off any extra glitter.

10. Repeat step 6-9 until you are satisfied with the coverage of your glitter. Typically 2-3 layers of glitter is needed. I did a total of 2 layers of glitter.

11. Before your last layer of glitter has fully dried, remove the blue painters tape. If you wait for the mod podge to dry, you might pull off some of your glitter and thus not have a clean line.

12. Once the last layer of glitter has fully dried and you brushed off any extra glitter, apply another layer of mod podge only over the glitter. This will hold in the glitter.

13. Once the mod podge has dried, you can apply your vinyl saying to your glass. You may need to clean your glass again before applying this last piece of vinyl. You will want to use transfer tape to transfer this vinyl to your glass.

This is such a fun project to make. It also makes for a great gift even if the individual does not like glitter, because once that last layer of mod podge is applied your glitter should be sealed and not come off. There are a few steps to follow, but most of it is just waiting for layers to dry.

If you do not like to work with glitter, then you could use paint to cover your inside surprises. Once the paint dries you can apply a layer of mod podge over the paint to help protect it.

This types of design can be used on all kinds of clear containers, not just wine glasses. This would be fun to do in a candy jar with a funny saying about being out of candy at the bottom.

I switched my font for the word “Creativity” to “M Young HK” to make it easier to work with. The cursive font became pretty thin.

If you loved this project and would be interested in learning how to making more complicated designs and using multiple colors of glitter, then please let me know.

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