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  1. reflective/holographic vinyl. I used the vinyl from Dollar Tree and it worked well for this project.
  2. Board to place lights on. I glued 3 laminate floor boards together to create my backing/board.
  3. Battery operated LED light
  4. hot glue and glue gun
  5. Gorilla glue
  6. extra weight
  7. Drill
  8. optional Velcro if you would like to be able to remove the battery packs. You could also just the battery packs directly to the back of your board.


1.Cut design out of holographic vinyl. I used permanent vinyl, but if you do not want to keep the vinyl on the board after it is finished, then you can use any type of removable vinyl. For the Dollar Tree vinyl that I used I chose the washi sheet with more pressure as my setting on a green standard mat.

2. Place your vinyl on your board.

3. Determine where you need to make holes to feed your lights through. Use a pencil to indicate these areas. Mark areas where you do not want your lights to show, when jumping from one letter to the next, or sharp bends.

4. Drill holes in the areas you marked so you can feed your LED lights under your board to hide them.

5. Feed your LED lights through your board. Apply hot glue and Gorilla glue to hold the LED lights in place. The hot glue is used to hold the lights in place while the Gorilla glue sets. You can also place weights on top to help hold everything in place while the glue dries. I found it best to work in sections.

6. Attach battery pack to back of board with Velcro or double sided adhesive.

7. Add hanging mechanism if needed.

I was very happy with how this sign turned out. This LED light strip was able to bend well with all the different curves in my design. I did end up needing two sets of lights. I also liked the holographic vinyl so it was still very pretty even with the LED lights off. There are a lot of different types of LED lights you can purchase depending on the look and your budget. I have also seen LED signs on clear acrylic. You will need to do more planning if this style, as well as plan how to hide the unwanted LED light strip behind the pieces showing in the front.

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