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DIY Felt Flower Wreath


  1. Frame.  I found this perfect little frame from Tuesday Morning.  This piece is also cute without a frame.  
  1. Stain if desired.  My frame was not stained, so I decided to stain it this dark Walnut color.  Depending on the frame you get you may not need this.  
felt flower wreath
  1. Felt flowers.  I purchased mine from Tuesday Morning.  My Tuesday Morning is going out of business so they were very cheap.  I plan on experimenting with making my own felt flowers in the future, but for now I just used premade ones.   
felt flower wreath
  1. Metal ring.  Mine is 4 inches in diameter, but this will depend on the frame you pick what size ring you will need.  I bought my ring from Hobby Lobby.  Here is the link to help you find it.  These were a bit difficult to find.  They do carry them in stores.  
  1. A nice piece of ribbon to finish it off  
felt flower wreath
  1. A wood backing.  I had this particular piece for a while, and cut it down to size to fit inside my frame.  This could be made pretty easily with the Glow Forge or other laser printer.  A Cricut Maker could probably also make this backing. You could also make a similar backing with popsicle sticks.  Then paint it white or the color of your choosing.  If you want the smooth silky texture, then you may also want to add a sealant over your piece once it is dry.  
  1. Gorilla glue and hot glue 

I started out by staining my wooden frame this dark walnut color.  I was so excited to start this project, that I forgot to take a picture of the frame before I stained it.  So, I do not have a before picture to share with you.  It was just a light natural wood color to begin with. The staining made a huge difference to the project.   This particular frame I purchased also had a nice magnetic componet for the top. So the top is easily removable, which made it easy to insert my design into it. On the down side of the magnetic top is that I constantly grabed the frame by the top, which resulted in the tip coming off in my hand and me dropping the frame itself. You would also need to be careful if you desided to hang this particular frame. I am just setting it on a table to be displayed.

Once the stain was dry, I started arranging the felt flowers on my metal ring.  I decided to go with one bigger white flower, two smaller pink roses, and two leaves.  I plan on making my own types of felt flowers in the future, but since I already had these, I just used what I already had.  Feel free to use other flowers of your choosing, whether it be felt flowers you buy or make, or flowers of another material.  These particular flowers I used had a sticky material on the back already.  I still applied a small amount of gorilla glue to each flower and leaf before applying them to the metal ring to insure they stuck well to it.  I also used a little hot glue to help hold the pieces in place while the gorilla glue dried.   

While the glue was drying, I found a nice piece of ribbon from my stash.  I attempted to make a pretty bow, but I am not very good at making bows.  So, I decided to just do a loop around the ring and have the ribbon hold the ring in place.  I then applied a small amount of glue to the back of my wood backing to attach the ribbon to the back of this piece.  I decided not to glue the metal ring down.  I liked the feel of it being able to move, or if I deiced to change anything in the future.  You could glue the metal ring down to the background piece if you wish.   

When everything is dry you can slide the backing into the frame.  I really liked how it turned out.  I think I like the flowers being a bit off centered, but with it not being glued down, I can change this at any time.  After completing this piece, I thought about possibly adding a word to the center of the metal ring. I do not think I will do this, but if you find a small galvanized word you like that fits inside your circle it could add a nice touch to it.  You could also make a word on your Glow Forge or other Laser printer out of wood and then paint it the color of your choice.  A light gray may look nice.  If you do not have a laser printer, then there are several places that sell wooden words and letters that you could also use.   

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