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DIY Dollar Store Rainbow Wall Art With A Twist


  1. Yarn in a few different colors.
  2. Dollar Tree hair rollers or cotton rope.
  3. Thinner cotton rope for clouds/bottom.
  4. Hot glue and glue gun.
  5. Scissors.
  6. String.
  7. Brush. I used a pet brush which worked well.
  8. Optional: wood bead.
  9. Optional: extra add on to rainbow as mentioned towards the end of the video.


1.Place hair rollers in place and use a pen to mark where to cut them to make them all even.

2. Remove end cap and metal rod from all layers, except for the top most layer.

3. Wrap yarn around each piece of hair roller to your pen mark. Watch my YouTube video to see how to do this without needing to use glue.

4. Attach yarn loop for hanging with wood beads if desired. See my YouTube video for more details on how to create this loop.

5. Wrap middle rainbow layer with string if desired.

6. Create cloud/bottom of your rainbow.

  • Use thin cotton rope and cut it to desired size.
  • Untwine the cotton rope and brush it out with a brush.
  • Tie string around the cotton rope strands to hold it together. I did a double knot.
  • Fold in half and brush out more if needed.

7. Use hot glue to attach each section of the rainbow together.

8. Cut off the extra hair roller ends.

9. Glue the cloud pieces at the bottom with hot glue to hide any pink hair roller showing.

10. Cut the ends of the cloud pieces so they are even.

11. Add extra decorative pieces like braided string to rainbow as desired, and attach them with hot glue.

I really like how these turned out. You could add these extra decorative pieces to the large rainbow as well. If you have not seen that, then please click here. You could also add a key-chain to these rainbows. They can look very different depending on the colors you use and the extra pieces you have on hand to decorate them with. My two rainbows are very different from each other. I like the bold colors a little better, and my husband like the softer color rainbow better. These would be a lot of fun to make with friends or family.

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